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Jamia : جامعہ

1. Academy, Honorary Society : جامعہ : (noun) an institution for the advancement of art or science or literature.

2. University : جامعہ - یونیورسٹی : (noun) the body of faculty and students at a university.

Bunyad : Institution : the act of starting something for the first time; introducing something new. "She looked forward to her initiation as an adult"

Taraqqi, Nashonuma, Pesh Qadmi : Advancement : gradual improvement or growth or development. "Advancement of knowledge"

Pesh Qadmi : Advancement : the act of moving forward (as toward a goal).

Insani Takhliq, Funoon Latifa : Art : the products of human creativity; works of art collectively. "An art exhibition"

Pewastgi : Body : the property of holding together and retaining its shape. "Wool has more body than rayon"