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جنگی ٹینک : Jangi Tank Meaning in English


Jangi Tank in Detail

1) جنگی ٹینک : Armored Combat Vehicle Armoured Combat Vehicle Army Tank Tank : (noun) an enclosed armored military vehicle; has a cannon and moves on caterpillar treads.

Useful Words

بکتربند : Apc , بکتر بند گاڑی یا ٹینک : Panzer , بکتر بند : Reconnaissance Vehicle , جنازہ گاڑی : Hearse , اغواء : Highjacking , کیک اسٹینڈ : Kickstand , ٹینک شکن : Antitank , ماضی میں پہنا جانے والے آہنی دستانہ : Gantlet , تباہ کن جنگی جہاز : Destroyer , بچھو مچھلی : Scorpion Fish , ناپید مچھلی : Heterostraci , سیدھی طرف : Far , جنگی علاقہ : Combat Area , جنگی طبی مرکز : Aid Station , ہوا میں پرواز کرنے والی سواری : Aircraft , گاڑی وغیرہ پر لیجانا : Cart Away , نقل و حمل کرنا : Haul , موٹر کار دینا : Motorize , بوج اتارنا : Offload , سواری سے اترنا : Get Off , گاڑی چلانا : Drive , گاڑی میں جانا : Drive , سواری کرنا : Drive , گاڑی بان : Driver , وہ رنگ جو خشک ہونے والے تیل میں ملا کر بنایا جاتا ہے : Oil Paint , جہاز کا عملہ : Crew , جہاز میں لادا گیا سامان : Cargo , گھوڑا گاڑی : Carriage , گزرنا : Roll , رہزن : Highjacker , بریک : Brake

Useful Words Definitions

Apc: (military) an armored vehicle (usually equipped with caterpillar treads) that is used to transport infantry.

Panzer: an armored vehicle or tank.

Reconnaissance Vehicle: fast armored military vehicle with four-wheel drive and open top.

Hearse: a vehicle for carrying a coffin to a church or a cemetery; formerly drawn by horses but now usually a motor vehicle.

Highjacking: robbery of a traveller or vehicle in transit or seizing control of a vehicle by the use of force.

Kickstand: a swiveling metal rod attached to a bicycle or motorcycle or other two-wheeled vehicle; the rod lies horizontally when not in use but can be kicked into a vertical position as a support to hold the vehicle upright when it is not being ridden.

Antitank: designed for defense against armored vehicles.

Gantlet: a glove of armored leather; protects the hand.

Destroyer: a small fast lightly armored but heavily armed warship.

Scorpion Fish: marine fishes having a tapering body with an armored head and venomous spines.

Heterostraci: extinct group of armored jawless fishes or fish-like vertebrate; taxonomy is not clear.

Far: being the animal or vehicle on the right or being on the right side of an animal or vehicle.

Combat Area: a military area where combat forces operate.

Aid Station: (military) a station located near a combat area for giving first aid to the wounded.

Aircraft: a vehicle that can fly.

Cart Away: take away by means of a vehicle.

Haul: transport in a vehicle.

Motorize: equip with a motor vehicle.

Offload: take the load off (a container or vehicle).

Get Off: leave a vehicle, aircraft, etc..

Drive: operate or control a vehicle.

Drive: travel or be transported in a vehicle.

Drive: a journey in a vehicle (usually an automobile).

Driver: the operator of a motor vehicle.

Oil Paint: paint in which a drying oil is the vehicle.

Crew: the men and women who man a vehicle (ship, aircraft, etc.).

Cargo: goods carried by a large vehicle.

Carriage: a vehicle with wheels drawn by one or more horses.

Roll: move along on or as if on wheels or a wheeled vehicle.

Highjacker: a holdup man who stops a vehicle and steals from it.

Brake: a restraint used to slow or stop a vehicle.

Related Words

کسی قوم کی فوج : Armed Forces

Close Words

جنگی کشتی : Torpedo Boat , جنگی سرمایہ : War Chest , اسلحہ : Munition , جنگی نقصان : Battle Damage , جنگی دستے کا افسر : Line Officer , جنگی قیدی : Pow , جنگی قیدیوں کا کمرہ : Guardhouse , جنگی جہاز : Man-Of-War , جنگی ناچ : War Dance , جنگی چالیں : Tactics , جنگی گھوڑا : Steed

Close Words Definitions

Torpedo Boat: small high-speed warship designed for torpedo attacks in coastal waters.

War Chest: a fund accumulated to finance a war (or a political campaign).

Munition: military supplies.

Battle Damage: loss of military equipment in battle.

Line Officer: a commissioned officer with combat units (not a staff officer or a supply officer).

Pow: a person who surrenders to (or is taken by) the enemy in time of war.

Guardhouse: a military facility that serves as the headquarters for military police and in which military prisoners can be detained.

Man-Of-War: a warship intended for combat.

War Dance: a ceremonial dance performed before a battle or after a victory.

Tactics: the branch of military science dealing with detailed maneuvers to achieve objectives set by strategy.

Steed: (literary) a spirited horse for state or war.

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