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1 of 2) Japanese, Nipponese : جاپان کا باشندہ : (noun) a native or inhabitant of Japan.


2 of 2) Japanese : جاپانی زبان : (noun) the language (usually considered to be Altaic) spoken by the Japanese.

Useful Words

Hondo : ہونڈو جزائر , Hotei : خوشی کا دیوتا , Banzai : جاپانی جیت کا نعرہ , Aikido : جاپانی لڑائی کا طریقہ , Kamikaze : دوسری جنگ عظیم کا جاپانی ہوائی جہاز , Hokusai : جاپانی پینٹر , Hiba Arborvitae : جاپانی پودا , Acer Argutum : جاپانی پودا , Hara-Kiri : خود کشی کرنے کا روایتی جاپانی طریقہ , Sumo : ایک قسم کی جاپانی کشتی , Ho Chi Minh : ہو چی من ویتنام کا سیاستدان , Admiral Nimitz : جنگ عظیم کا امریکی اڈمرل , Karate : کراٹے , Koto : جابانی آلہ موسیقی , Samisen : جاپانی ستار , Shinto : جاپان کا قدیم مذہب , Hideki Yukawa : یوکاوا ماہر طبیعیات , Austrian : آسٹریا کا رہنے والا , Sindhi : سندھی , Maltese : مالٹا کا باشندہ , Greek : یونان کا باشندہ , Libyan : لیبیا کا باشندہ , Siamese : تھائی لینڈ کا باشندہ , Dane : ڈنمارک کا باشندہ , Hungarian : ہنگری کے باشندے , Chilean : چلی کا باشندہ , Irani : ایرانی باشندہ , Indian : ہندوستان کا باشندہ , Kiwi : نیوزی لینڈ کا باشندہ , Ugandan : یوگانڈا کا رہنے والا , Pakistani : پاکستان کا باشندہ

Useful Words Definitions

Hondo: the central and largest of the four main islands of Japan; between the Sea of Japan and the Pacific Ocean; regarded as the Japanese mainland.

Hotei: one of the 7 Japanese Shinto-gods of happiness.

Banzai: a Japanese cheer of enthusiasm or triumph.

Aikido: a Japanese martial art employing principles similar to judo.

Kamikaze: a fighter plane used for suicide missions by Japanese pilots in World War II.

Hokusai: Japanese painter whose work influenced the impressionists (1760-1849).

Hiba Arborvitae: slow-growing medium-large Japanese evergreen used as an ornamental.

Acer Argutum: small shrubby Japanese plant with leaves having 5 to 7 acuminate lobes; yellow in autumn.

Hara-Kiri: ritual suicide by self-disembowelment on a sword; practiced by samurai in the traditional Japanese society.

Sumo: a Japanese form of wrestling; you lose if you are forced out of a small ring or if any part of your body (other than your feet) touches the ground.

Ho Chi Minh: Vietnamese communist statesman who fought the Japanese in World War II and the French until 1954 and South Vietnam until 1975 (1890-1969).

Admiral Nimitz: United States admiral of the Pacific fleet during World War II who used aircraft carriers to destroy the Japanese navy (1885-1966).

Karate: a traditional Japanese system of unarmed combat; sharp blows and kicks are given to pressure-sensitive points on the body of the opponent.

Koto: Japanese stringed instrument that resembles a zither; has a rectangular wooden sounding board and usually 13 silk strings that are plucked with the fingers.

Samisen: a Japanese stringed instrument resembling a banjo with a long neck and three strings and a fretted fingerboard and a rectangular soundbox; played with a plectrum.

Shinto: the native religion and former ethnic cult of Japan.

Hideki Yukawa: Japanese mathematical physicist who proposed that nuclear forces are mediated by massive particles called mesons which are analogous to the photon in mediating electromagnetic forces (1907-1981).

Austrian: a native or inhabitant of Austria.

Sindhi: a native or inhabitant of Sind.

Maltese: a native or inhabitant of Malta.

Greek: a native or inhabitant of Greece.

Libyan: a native or inhabitant of Libya.

Siamese: a native or inhabitant of Thailand.

Dane: a native or inhabitant of Denmark.

Hungarian: a native or inhabitant of Hungary.

Chilean: a native or inhabitant of Chile.

Irani: a native or inhabitant of Iran.

Indian: a native or inhabitant of India.

Kiwi: a native or inhabitant of New Zealand.

Ugandan: a native or inhabitant of Uganda.

Pakistani: a native or inhabitant of Pakistan.

Related Words

Asian : ایشیائی باشندہ , Mikado : جاپان کا شہنشاہ , Ninja : مارشل آرٹ کا ماہر

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