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Japanese Beetle meaning in Urdu

Japanese Beetle Synonym

Japanese Beetle Definitions

1) Japanese Beetle, Popillia Japonica : جاپانی بھوترا : (noun) small metallic green and brown beetle native to eastern Asia; serious plant pest in North America.


Useful Words

Lady Beetle : پنبہ دوز , Blister Beetle : بھنورا , Chinese Magnolia : ایک خوبصورت درخت , Whirligig Beetle : آبی بہونروں کی قسم , Firefly : جگنو , Aristolochia Clematitis : برتوارٹ پودا جس کے پھول مڑے ہوتے ہیں , Acer Argutum : جاپانی پودا , Boulder Fern : خوشبودار جھاڑی , Aesculus : برگد , Bayberry : کائفل , Blue Cohosh : ایک گودے دار بغیر پتوں کا پودا , Brush Wolf : امریکن بھیڑیا , Acer Spicatum : پہاڑی میپل , Star Grass : ستارہ گھاس , Coney : ایک قسم کا خرگوش , Sumo : ایک قسم کی جاپانی کشتی , Evergreen Winterberry : امریکہ میں پائی جانے والی سیاہ بیری , Sea Ash : پیلے پھولوں والا ایک چھوٹا درخت , Camassia Quamash : کماس مالوف جڑی بوٹی , Elk-Wood : چھتری درخت , Canada Moonseed : بزر القمر , Black Gum : کھٹا گوند , Berteroa Incana : سفید پھول والا پودا , Pea : مٹر کا پودا , Hordeum Pusillum : چھوٹی امریکی جو , Cercis Canadensis : پھلی دار درختوں میں سے ایک چھوٹا درخت , Indian Lotus : کنول کا پھول , Pea : مٹر , Silver Lime : ایک بڑا درخت , Banzai : جاپانی جیت کا نعرہ , Hotei : خوشی کا دیوتا

Useful Words Definitions

Lady Beetle: small round bright-colored and spotted beetle that usually feeds on aphids and other insect pests.

Blister Beetle: beetle that produces a secretion that blisters the skin.

Chinese Magnolia: large deciduous shrub or small tree having large open rosy to purplish flowers; native to Asia; prized as an ornamental in eastern North America.

Whirligig Beetle: aquatic beetle that circles rapidly on the water surface.

Firefly: nocturnal beetle common in warm regions having luminescent abdominal organs.

Aristolochia Clematitis: creeping plant having curving flowers thought to resemble fetuses; native to Europe; naturalized Great Britain and eastern North America.

Acer Argutum: small shrubby Japanese plant with leaves having 5 to 7 acuminate lobes; yellow in autumn.

Boulder Fern: fern of eastern North America with pale green fronds and an aroma like hay.

Aesculus: deciduous trees or some shrubs of North America; southeastern Europe; eastern Asia.

Bayberry: deciduous aromatic shrub of eastern North America with grey-green wax-coated berries.

Blue Cohosh: tall herb of eastern North America and Asia having blue berrylike fruit and a thick knotty rootstock formerly used medicinally.

Brush Wolf: small wolf native to western North America.

Acer Spicatum: small shrubby maple of eastern North America; scarlet in autumn.

Star Grass: any plant of the genus Hypoxis having long grasslike leaves and yellow star-shaped flowers: Africa; Australia; southern Asia; North America.

Coney: small short-eared burrowing mammal of rocky uplands of Asia and western North America.

Sumo: a Japanese form of wrestling; you lose if you are forced out of a small ring or if any part of your body (other than your feet) touches the ground.

Evergreen Winterberry: evergreen holly of eastern North America with oblong leathery leaves and small black berries.

Sea Ash: small deciduous aromatic shrub (or tree) having spiny branches and yellowish flowers; eastern North America.

Camassia Quamash: plant having a large edible bulb and linear basal leaves and racemes of light to deep violet-blue star-shaped flowers on tall green scapes; western North America.

Elk-Wood: small deciduous tree of eastern North America having creamy white flowers and large leaves in formations like umbrellas at the ends of branches.

Canada Moonseed: a woody vine of eastern North America having large oval leaves and small white flowers and purple to blue-black fruits.

Black Gum: columnar tree of eastern North America having horizontal limbs and small leaves that emerge late in spring and have brilliant color in early fall.

Berteroa Incana: tall European annual with downy grey-green foliage and dense heads of small white flowers followed by hairy pods; naturalized in North America; sometimes a troublesome weed.

Pea: a leguminous plant of the genus Pisum with small white flowers and long green pods containing edible green seeds.

Hordeum Pusillum: annual barley native to western North America and widespread in southern United States and tropical America.

Cercis Canadensis: small shrubby tree of eastern North America similar to the Judas tree having usually pink flowers; found in damp sheltered underwood.

Indian Lotus: native to eastern Asia; widely cultivated for its large pink or white flowers.

Pea: a small, round, and green seed or the edible spherical green seed of the pea plant. Peas are a type of legume and are commonly consumed as a vegetable in various cuisines around the world.

Silver Lime: large tree native to eastern Europe and Asia Minor having leaves with white tomentum on the under side; widely cultivated as an ornamental.

Banzai: a Japanese cheer of enthusiasm or triumph.

Hotei: one of the 7 Japanese Shinto-gods of happiness.

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