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جذباتی کیفیّت : Jazbati Kifiyat Meaning in English

Jazbati Kifiyat in Detail

1) جذباتی کیفیت : Emotionalism Emotionality : (noun) emotional nature or quality.


Useful Words

ہاتھ کی لکیر : Heart Line , مختلف : Distinct , شر : Balefulness , مہارت : Appreciation , مختلف : Different , یکسانیت : Homogeneity , تبدیل ہونے والا : Changeable , بے تغیر : Changeless , اندازہ لگانا : Appraise , غیر فطری : Unnatural , معقولیت : Decency , صلاحیت : Ability , کہنا : Call , صفائی : Detergence , اطمینان سے : Tranquilly , بہت جذباتی : Bathetic , متاثر ہونا : Affect , حساسیت : Sensitiveness , بدحواس کرنے والا : Disconcerting , غصے کی حالت ہونا : Boil , ٹھیس پہنچانا : Sting , دل سے : Drippily , شورش : Stir , انتہائی جذباتی : Abandon , احساس : Feeling , افسوس کا باعث ہونا : Anguish , چلانا : Howl , دلاسا دینا : Comfort , جذباتی تعلق استوار کرنا : Attach , بے جان : Uninspired , ذہنی تناو ختم کرنا : Abreaction

Useful Words Definitions

Heart Line: a crease on the palm; palmists say it indicates your emotional nature.

Distinct: (often followed by `from`) not alike; different in nature or quality.

Balefulness: the quality or nature of being harmful or evil.

Appreciation: understanding of the nature or meaning or quality or magnitude of something.

Different: unlike in nature or quality or form or degree.

Homogeneity: the quality of being similar or comparable in kind or nature.

Changeable: capable of or tending to change in form or quality or nature.

Changeless: not subject or susceptible to change or variation in form or quality or nature.

Appraise: evaluate or estimate the nature, quality, ability, extent, or significance of.

Unnatural: not in accordance with or determined by nature; contrary to nature.

Decency: the quality of conforming to standards of propriety and morality; the quality of being polite and respectable.

Ability: the quality of being able to perform; a quality that permits or facilitates achievement or accomplishment.

Call: ascribe a quality to or give a name of a common noun that reflects a quality.

Detergence: detergent quality; the quality of having cleansing power.

Tranquilly: without emotional agitation.

Bathetic: effusively or insincerely emotional.

Affect: have an emotional or cognitive impact upon.

Sensitiveness: sensitivity to emotional feelings (of self and others).

Disconcerting: causing an emotional disturbance.

Boil: be in an agitated emotional state.

Sting: cause an emotional pain, as if by stinging.

Drippily: in a mawkish and emotional manner.

Stir: emotional agitation and excitement.

Abandon: a feeling of extreme emotional intensity.

Feeling: the experiencing of affective and emotional states.

Anguish: cause emotional anguish or make miserable.

Howl: a long loud emotional utterance.

Comfort: give moral or emotional strength to.

Attach: create social or emotional ties.

Uninspired: having no intellectual or emotional or spiritual excitement.

Abreaction: (psychoanalysis) purging of emotional tensions.

Related Words

خاصیت : Trait , اظہار پسندی : Demonstrativeness , محبت کا احساس : Affectionateness , غیر جذباتی : Unemotional

Close Words

جذباتی : Romanticist , جذباتی معاملہ : Gut Issue , جذباتی : Bombastic , جذباتی ہونا : Warm To , جذباتیت : Sentimentalism , جذباتی خبریں دینے والا صحافی : Sob Sister , جذباتی : Fierce , جذباتی بنا دینا : Sentimentalise , جذباتی : Aroused , جذباتی خطابت : Demagoguery , جذباتی : Emotional

Close Words Definitions

Romanticist: someone who indulges in excessive sentimentality.

Gut Issue: an issue that elicits strong emotional reactions.

Bombastic: ostentatiously lofty in style.

Warm To: become excited about.

Sentimentalism: the excessive expression of tender feelings, nostalgia, or sadness in any form.

Sob Sister: a journalist who specializes in emotional narratives or stories.

Fierce: marked by extreme intensity of emotions or convictions; inclined to react violently; fervid.

Sentimentalise: look at with sentimentality or turn into an object of sentiment.

Aroused: (of persons) excessively affected by emotion.

Demagoguery: impassioned appeals to the prejudices and emotions of the populace.

Emotional: determined or actuated by emotion rather than reason.

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