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جِس میں ہوا کا گُزر نہ ہو : Jis Mein Huwa Ka Guzar Na Ho Meaning in English

Jis Mein Huwa Ka Guzar Na Ho in Detail

1) جس میں ہوا کا گزر نہ ہو : Air-Tight Airtight Gas-Tight : (satellite adjective) not allowing air or gas to pass in or out.

Useful Words

جس میں کوئی کمی یا کمزوری نہ ہو : Air-Tight, Airtight : having no weak points. "An airtight defense".

تھامنا : Cling To, Clutch, Hold Close, Hold Tight : hold firmly, usually with one`s hands. "Don`t hold tight".

جس میں روشنی داخل نہ ہو سکتی ہو : Light-Tight, Lightproof : not penetrable by light. "Lightproof containers".

صبر سے کام لینا : Sit Tight : maintain the same position; wait it out. "Let's not make a decision--let's sit tight".

تن چست : Skin-Tight, Skintight : so tight as to cling to the skin. "Skintight jeans".

تنگ : Tight : closely constrained or constricted or constricting. "These clothes have gone tight".

معقول : Priggish, Prim, Prissy, Prudish, Puritanical, Square-Toed, Straight-Laced, Straightlaced, Strait-Laced, Straitlaced, Tight-Laced, Victorian : exaggeratedly proper. "My straitlaced Aunt Anna doesn`t approve of my miniskirts".

تیراکی کے دوران سر ڈھاپنے والی ٹوپی : Bathing Cap, Swimming Cap : a tight-fitting cap that keeps hair dry while swimming.

تیراکی کے کپڑے : Bathing Costume, Bathing Suit, Swimming Costume, Swimsuit, Swimwear : tight fitting garment worn for swimming. "They want to buy swimwear".

ایک قسم کا چست لباس جو ناچ کے لئے پہنا جاتا ہے : Body Suit, Cat Suit, Leotard, Unitard : a tight-fitting garment of stretchy material that covers the body from the shoulders to the thighs (and may have long sleeves or legs reaching down to the ankles); worn by ballet dancers and acrobats for practice or performance.

ٹوپی : Cap : a tight-fitting headdress.

اونچا کالر : Choker, Neck Ruff, Ruff, Ruffle : a high tight collar.

انتہائی چست : Choky : so tight as to tend to choke. "A choky collar".

پکڑنا : Clench, Clinch : hold in a tight grasp. "Clench a steering wheel".

بغل گیری : Clinch, Hug, Squeeze : a tight or amorous embrace. "Eid hugging".

سکڑاوٴ : Coarctation, Constriction : tight or narrow compression.

ہوا کا دباو : Compartment Pressure : the air pressure maintained in an air-tight compartment (as in an aircraft).

دبانا : Constrict, Constringe, Narrow : become tight or as if tight. "Her throat constricted".

اینٹھن : Constriction, Tightness : a tight feeling in some part of the body. "He felt a constriction in her chest".

کمربند لباس : Dirndl : a dress with a tight bodice and full skirt.

ایک قسم کی تنگ آستین : Dolman Sleeve : a sleeve with a large armhole and tight cuff.

کس کے باندھنا : Fasten, Tighten : make tight or tighter. "Tighten the wire".

گھنگرالے : Frizz : the condition of being formed into small tight curls. "Her hair was in a frizz".

حفاظتی چشمہ : Goggles : tight-fitting spectacles worn to protect the eyes.

الجھاو : Kink, Twirl, Twist : a sharp bend in a line produced when a line having a loop is pulled tight.

ڈھیل : Laxation, Loosening : the act of making something less tight.

ڈھیلا ڈھالا : Loose : not tight; not closely constrained or constricted or constricting. "Loose clothing".

شیشے کا مرتبان : Mason Jar : a glass jar with an air-tight screw top; used in home canning.

شلوار : Salwar, Shalwar : a pair of light loose trousers with a tight fit around the ankles; worn by women from the Indian subcontinent (usually with a kameez). "Your salwar has been torn".

سیل : Seal : fastener that provides a tight and perfect closure.

ایک سرجیکل آلہ : Snare : a surgical instrument consisting of wire hoop that can be drawn tight around the base of polyps or small tumors to sever them; used especially in body cavities.

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