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Jisim Men Jarasim Hamla : جِسَم میں جَراثیم حَملَہ

1. Invasion : جسم میں جراثیم حملہ : (noun) (pathology) the spread of pathogenic microorganisms or malignant cells to new sites in the body.

Khulia : Cell : (biology) the basic structural and functional unit of all organisms; they may exist as independent units of life (as in monads) or may form colonies or tissues as in higher plants and animals.

Jandar Shay Jo ... : Microorganism : any organism of microscopic size.

Masari Ki Chadar, Bistar Ki Chadar, Palng Ki Chadar : Spread : decorative cover for a bed.

Battery, Barqi Sil : Cell : a device that delivers an electric current as the result of a chemical reaction.

Qayd Khana : Cell : a room where a prisoner is kept.