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جسم سے سیال نکالنے کی نلکی : Jisim Se Siyal Nikaalnay Ki Nalki Meaning in English

Jisim Se Siyal Nikaalnay Ki Nalki in Detail

1) جسم سے سیال نکالنے کی نلکی : Catheter : (noun) a thin flexible tube inserted into the body to permit introduction or withdrawal of fluids or to keep the passageway open.


Useful Words

نلکی : Cannula , پائپ ڈال کر جسم سے غیر ضروری مادہ نکالنا : Drain , ایک مصنوعی نلکی جو آپریشن کے دوران خون کا بہاو جاری رکھتی ہے : Stent , جونک جیسا سمندری کیڑا : Holothurian , نلکی ڈال کر جسم سے سیال نکالنا : Catheterise , نلکی ڈال کر جسم سے سیال نکالنے کا عمل : Catheterisation , گزرگاہ : Corridor , نلکی نما : Cannular , جسم کی نالی وغیرہ : Meatus , جسمانی کیمیائی تیزابیت : Metabolic Acidosis , باریک ورق نما : Foil , سانپ : Snake , ٹریکیا کی امامی دیوار میں سوراخ : Tracheostomy , کفچہ : Spatula , گھوڑا گاڑی : Buckboard , الٹا بہاٴو : Reflux , گرمی لگ جانا : Heat Exhaustion , ایک آلہ جو کسی زخم وغیرہ کو جانچنے کے لیے استعمال کیا جاتا ہے : Probe , نالی : Vas , پیشاب کا کم اخراج : Oliguria , انڈا : Egg , نلکی ڈالنے کا عمل : Cannulation , بیلچے پر پکا کیک : Hoecake , پیزہ : Pizza , دبلے پتلے جسم والا : Ectomorph , ایک قسم کا ٹرک : Pickup , بالٹی : Bath , گراف کا کاغذ : Graph Paper , سرنگ : Tunnel , پائپ : Siphon , گزرنے کی جگہ : Walk-Through

Useful Words Definitions

Cannula: a small flexible tube inserted into a body cavity for draining off fluid or introducing medication.

Drain: tube inserted into a body cavity (as during surgery) to remove unwanted material.

Stent: a slender tube inserted inside a tubular body part (as a blood vessel) to provide support during and after surgical anastomosis.

Holothurian: echinoderm having a flexible sausage-shaped body, tentacles surrounding the mouth and tube feet; free-living mud feeders.

Catheterise: insert a catheter into (a body part).

Catheterisation: the operation of introducing a catheter into the body.

Corridor: an enclosed passageway; rooms usually open onto it.

Cannular: constituting a tube; having hollow tubes (as for the passage of fluids).

Meatus: a natural body passageway.

Metabolic Acidosis: acidosis and bicarbonate concentration in the body fluids resulting either from the accumulation of acids or the abnormal loss of bases from the body (as in diarrhea or renal disease).

Foil: a piece of thin and flexible sheet metal.

Snake: something long, thin, and flexible that resembles a snake.

Tracheostomy: a surgical operation that creates an opening into the trachea with a tube inserted to provide a passage for air; performed when the pharynx is obstructed by edema or cancer or other causes.

Spatula: a hand tool with a thin flexible blade used to mix or spread soft substances.

Buckboard: an open horse-drawn carriage with four wheels; has a seat attached to a flexible board between the two axles.

Reflux: an abnormal backward flow of body fluids.

Heat Exhaustion: a condition marked by dizziness and nausea and weakness caused by depletion of body fluids and electrolytes.

Probe: a flexible slender surgical instrument with a blunt end that is used to explore wounds or body cavities.

Vas: a tube in which a body fluid circulates.

Oliguria: abnormally small production of urine; can be a symptom of kidney disease or obstruction of the urinary tract or edema or an imbalance of fluids and electrolytes in the body.

Egg: animal reproductive body consisting of an ovum or embryo together with nutritive and protective envelopes; especially the thin-shelled reproductive body laid by e.g. female birds.

Cannulation: the insertion of a cannula or tube into a hollow body organ.

Hoecake: thin usually unleavened johnnycake made of cornmeal; originally baked on the blade of a hoe over an open fire (southern).

Pizza: Italian open pie made of thin bread dough spread with a spiced mixture of e.g. tomato sauce and cheese.

Ectomorph: a person with a thin body.

Pickup: a light truck with an open body and low sides and a tailboard.

Bath: a relatively large open container that you fill with water and use to wash the body.

Graph Paper: paper that has lines to permit drawing graphs.

Tunnel: a passageway through or under something, usually underground (especially one for trains or cars).

Siphon: a tube running from the liquid in a vessel to a lower level outside the vessel so that atmospheric pressure forces the liquid through the tube.

Walk-Through: a pedestrian passageway through the ground floor of a building.

Related Words

نالی : Tube

Close Words

جسم : Anatomy , جسم : Body , نیل : Black-And-Blue , جسم کے ایک اعضا یا ایک طرف فالج ہونا : Monoplegia , فضلہ : Bm , جسم دشمن جرثومہ : Forssman Antibody , جسم میں صفراء کا تناسب : Acid-Base Balance , جسم کے کسی حصے کا سن کرنے کا عمل : Local Anaesthesia , جسم کو غیر معمولی طور پر موڑنے کا عمل : Contortion , جسم سے فضلے وغیرہ کے اخراج کا عمل : Elimination , جسم سے خارج ہونے والا فضول مادہ : Body Waste

Close Words Definitions

Anatomy: alternative names for the body of a human being.

Body: the entire structure of an organism (an animal, plant, or human being).

Black-And-Blue: discolored by coagulation of blood beneath the skin.

Monoplegia: paralysis of a single limb.

Bm: solid excretory product evacuated from the bowels.

Forssman Antibody: an antibody found in the blood of someone suffering from infectious mononucleosis.

Acid-Base Balance: (physiology) the normal equilibrium between acids and alkalis in the body.

Local Anaesthesia: loss of sensation in a small area of the body (as when a local anesthetic is injected for a tooth extraction).

Contortion: the act of twisting or deforming the shape of something (e.g., yourself).

Elimination: the bodily process of discharging waste matter.

Body Waste: waste matter (as urine or sweat but especially feces) discharged from the body.

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