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Journalistic meaning in Urdu

Journalistic Sentence

Journalistic writing.

Journalistic Definitions

1) Journalistic : صحافت سے متعلق : (adjective) of or relating to or having the characteristics of journalism.


Useful Words

Advertorial : لکھا ہوا اشتہار , Apian : شہد کی مکھیوں کا یا ان سے متعلق , Satyric : شہوانی , Familial : خاندان سے متعلق , Autodidactic : خود تعلیمی , Planetal : سیارے کے متعلق , Hearst : امریکی اخبار نویس , Apart : خاص , Pitchy : تارکول لگا ہوا , Alike : ایک جیسا , Acid : تیزابی , Despotic : استبدادی , Womanish : زنانہ , Counterpart : ہم مرتبہ , Lovable : پیار کے قابل , Allied : جڑا ہوا , Nature : کارخانہ قدرت , Alter : بدل دینا , Bland : بے تکا , Like : ایک جیسا , Turn : بدلنا , Gray : عمر رسیدہ , Agree : ہم آہنگ ہونا , Air Mass : ہوائی مجموعہ , Characterisation : کردار نگاری , Manfulness : مردانگی , Womanlike : زنانہ پن , Appraisal : اندازہ , Black : منحوس , Anthropomorphic : انسانی خصوصیات والا , Screening : جانچ پڑتال

Useful Words Definitions

Advertorial: an advertisement that is written and presented in the style of an editorial or journalistic report.

Apian: relating to or having the characteristics of bees.

Satyric: of or relating to or having the characteristics of a satyr.

Familial: relating to or having the characteristics of a family.

Autodidactic: relating to or having the characteristics of an autodidact.

Planetal: of or relating to or resembling the physical or orbital characteristics of a planet or the planets.

Hearst: United States newspaper publisher whose introduction of large headlines and sensational reporting changed American journalism (1863-1951).

Apart: having characteristics not shared by others.

Pitchy: having the characteristics of pitch or tar.

Alike: having the same or similar characteristics.

Acid: having the characteristics of an acid.

Despotic: belonging to or having the characteristics of a despot.

Womanish: having characteristics associated with women and considered undesirable in men.

Counterpart: a person or thing having the same function or characteristics as another.

Lovable: having characteristics that attract love or affection.

Allied: related by common characteristics or ancestry.

Nature: the essential qualities or characteristics by which something is recognized.

Alter: become different in some particular way, without permanently losing one's or its former characteristics or essence.

Bland: lacking stimulating characteristics; uninteresting.

Like: resembling or similar; having the same or some of the same characteristics; often used in combination.

Turn: cause to change or turn into something different;assume new characteristics.

Gray: showing characteristics of age, especially having grey or white hair.

Agree: be compatible, similar or consistent; coincide in their characteristics.

Air Mass: a large body of air with uniform characteristics horizontally.

Characterisation: the act of describing distinctive characteristics or essential features.

Manfulness: the trait of being manly; having the characteristics of an adult male.

Womanlike: the trait of being womanly; having the characteristics of an adult female.

Appraisal: an expert estimation of the quality, quantity, and other characteristics of someone or something.

Black: stemming from evil characteristics or forces; wicked or dishonorable.

Anthropomorphic: suggesting human characteristics for animals or inanimate things.

Screening: testing objects or persons in order to identify those with particular characteristics.

Close Words

Journalistically : صحافت کے طور پر

Close Words Definitions

Journalistically: by journalists.