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Joyous meaning in Urdu

Joyous Sentence

Felt a joyous abandon.

Joyous Definitions

1) Joyous : خوش : (adjective) full of or characterized by joy.

Joyous laughter.


Useful Words

Blithely : زندہ دلی سے , Celebration : خوشی کا موقع , Gleefully : خوشی سے , Humorous : مزاحیہ , Feverish : انتہائی مصروفیت , Fill : بھرجانا , To The Hilt : مکمل طور پر , Air-Filled : ہوا سے بھرا ہوا , Seedy : بیجوں والا , Flavorful : ذائقے دار , Newsy : خبروں سے بھرا ہوا , Full Of Life : زندہ دل , Cheesy : پنیر سے بھرا , Rutted : پہیوں کے پڑے ہوئے نشانات سے بھرا , Well-Lined : مال سے بھرا , Plenitude : کثرت , Lush : رس سے بھرا ہوا , Excess : زیادتی , Bright : پر امید , Impatient : بے تاب , Brim : بھر آنا , Brokenhearted : غمگین ہونا , Plenary : تمام و کمال , Juicy : رس دار , Pale : پھیکا , Troublous : پر آشوب , Hopefulness : پر امیدی , Joyful : پر مسرت , Heavy : بلند آواز , Chock-Full : کھچا کھچ بھرا , Chatty : باتونی

Useful Words Definitions

Blithely: in a joyous manner.

Celebration: any joyous diversion.

Gleefully: in a joyous and gleeful manner.

Humorous: full of or characterized by humor.

Feverish: a situation or period of time characterized by being very busy, fast-paced, and full of activity or excitement. It often implies a state of being chaotic, frantic, or filled with a lot of things to do or manage..

Fill: become full.

To The Hilt: in full.

Air-Filled: full of air.

Seedy: full of seeds.

Flavorful: full of flavor.

Newsy: full of news.

Full Of Life: full of spirit.

Cheesy: Full of cheese.

Rutted: full of ruts.

Well-Lined: full of money.

Plenitude: a full supply.

Lush: full of juice.

Excess: the state of being more than full.

Bright: full or promise.

Impatient: (usually followed by `to`) full of eagerness.

Brim: be completely full.

Brokenhearted: full of sorrow.

Plenary: full in all respects.

Juicy: full of juice.

Pale: not full or rich.

Troublous: full of trouble.

Hopefulness: full of hope.

Joyful: full of or producing joy.

Heavy: full and loud and deep.

Chock-Full: packed full to capacity.

Chatty: full of trivial conversation.

Related Words

Elated : نازاں , Happy : پرمسرت , Ecstatic : خوشی کی حالت , Elated : خوشی سے بھرا , Festal : مستی بھرا , Gay : ہنس مکھ

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