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Junior High meaning in Urdu

Junior High Synonym

Junior High Definitions

1) Junior High, Junior High School : جونیئر ہائی سکول : (noun) a secondary school usually including 7th and 8th grades.


Useful Words

High : ثانوی اور اعلی ثانوی اسکول , Alum : فارغ التحصیل , Pupil : اسکول جانے والا بچہ , Community College : سماجی کالج , Gun Room : توپچی خانہ , Gymnasium : ثانوی اسکول , Rear Admiral : معاون امیر البحر , Heavy Metal : بھاری دھات , Jet Stream : تیز رفتار آندھی , Expensive : مہنگا , Elementary School : ابتدائی مکتب , Howitzer : چھوٹی توپ , Flourish : بڑھنا , Hdl Cholesterol : اچھی چکنائی , Alpha-Lipoprotein : اعلی کثافت کی لیپوپروٹین , Prep School : ابتدائی اسکول , Academy : درس گاہ , Recurrent Fever : لوٹ آنے والا بخار , Magneto : مقناطیسی مشین , Composite School : ہر طرح کے بچوں کا اسکول , Homework : گھر کا کام , Abstract Expressionism : مدرسہ مصوری , Soar : بلند پروازی کرنا , High-Principled : اعلی اصولوں والا , Costly : مہنگا , Heights : اونچی جگہ , Rack : اڑانا , Aloud : بلند آواز سے , Lob : پھینکنا , High-Backed : اونچے کمر پشتے والا , North Peak : ۱۹۳۷۰ فٹ بلند

Useful Words Definitions

High: a public secondary school usually including grades 9 through 12.

Alum: a person who has received a degree from a school (high school or college or university).

Pupil: a young person attending school (up through senior high school).

Community College: a nonresidential junior college offering a curriculum fitted to the needs of the community.

Gun Room: military quarters of midshipmen and junior officers on a British warship.

Gymnasium: a school for students intermediate between elementary school and college; usually grades 9 to 12.

Rear Admiral: an admiral junior to a vice admiral.

Heavy Metal: a metal of relatively high density (specific gravity greater than about 5) or of high relative atomic weight (especially one that is poisonous like mercury or lead).

Jet Stream: a high-speed high-altitude airstream blowing from west to east near the top of the troposphere; has important effects of the formation of weather fronts.

Expensive: high in price or charging high prices.

Elementary School: a school for young children; usually the first 6 or 8 grades.

Howitzer: a muzzle-loading high-angle gun with a short barrel that fires shells at high elevations for a short range.

Flourish: make steady progress; be at the high point in one`s career or reach a high point in historical significance or importance.

Hdl Cholesterol: the cholesterol in high-density lipoproteins; the `good` cholesterol; a high level in the blood is thought to lower the risk of coronary artery disease.

Alpha-Lipoprotein: a lipoprotein that transports cholesterol in the blood; composed of a high proportion of protein and relatively little cholesterol; high levels are thought to be associated with decreased risk of coronary heart disease and atherosclerosis.

Prep School: a private secondary school.

Academy: a secondary school (usually private).

Recurrent Fever: marked by recurring high fever and transmitted by the bite of infected lice or ticks; characterized by episodes of high fever and chills and headache and muscle pain and nausea that recur every week or ten days for several months.

Magneto: a small dynamo with a secondary winding that produces a high voltage enabling a spark to jump between the poles of a spark plug in a gasoline engine.

Composite School: a large British or Canadian secondary school for children of all abilities.

Homework: preparatory school work done outside school (especially at home).

Abstract Expressionism: a New York school of painting characterized by freely created abstractions; the first important school of American painting to develop independently of European styles.

Soar: fly upwards or high in the sky.

High-Principled: having high principles.

Costly: having a high price.

Heights: a high place.

Rack: fly in high wind.

Aloud: with relatively high volume.

Lob: propel in a high arc.

High-Backed: having a high back.

North Peak: 19,370 feet high.

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