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جونک کی قسم : Junk Ki Qisim Meaning in English

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1 of 3) جونک کی قسم : Family Hirudinidae Hirudinidae : (noun) a family of Hirudinea.

2 of 3) جونک کی قسم : Hirudo Medicinalis Medicinal Leech : (noun) large European freshwater leech formerly used for bloodletting.

3 of 3) جونک کی قسم : Genus Hirudo Hirudo : (noun) type genus of the family Hirudinidae.

Useful Words

قتل عام : Battue : indiscriminate slaughter. "A bloodbath took place during football match in stadium".

یورپی : European : of or relating to or characteristic of Europe or the people of Europe. "European Community".

خاندان : Family : a social unit living together. "There seems to be a problem in his household because there is a lot of noise is heard outside".

کبھی : At One Time : at a previous time. "At one time he loved her".

میٹھا پانی : Fresh Water : water that is not salty. "This is freshwater fish".

جونک کیڑا : Class Hirudinea : hermaphroditic aquatic or terrestrial or parasitic annelids.

وسیع : Big : above average in size or number or quantity or magnitude or extent. "I don`t have such a big job".

خون بہانا : Bleed : draw blood. "In the old days, doctors routinely bled patients as part of the treatment".

متاثرہ شخص : Exploited : of persons; taken advantage of. "After going out of his way to help his friend get the job he felt not appreciated but used".

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