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کاغذ سینے کا تار : Kaghaz Siny Ka Tar Meaning in English

Kaghaz Siny Ka Tar in Detail

1) کاغذ سینے کا تار : Staple : (noun) paper fastener consisting of a short length of U-shaped wire that can fasten papers together.


Useful Words

کین : Can : airtight sealed metal container for food or drink or paint etc..

جمانا : Fasten : cause to be firmly attached. "Fasten the lock onto the door".

جمانے یا روکنے والا : Fastener : restraint that attaches to something or holds something in place.

طول : Length : the linear extent in space from one end to the other; the longest dimension of something that is fixed in place. "The length of the table was 5 feet".

کاغذ : Paper : a material made of cellulose pulp derived mainly from wood or rags or certain grasses. "Hand me that paper".

ٹہوک کر بنائی کئی شئے : Molded : shaped to fit by or as if by altering the contours of a pliable mass (as by work or effort). "A shaped handgrip".

چھوٹا : Short : primarily temporal sense; indicating or being or seeming to be limited in duration. "A short life".

اکٹھے : Together : in each other`s company. "Can we have dinner together?".

ایک بھاری تابکار دھاتی عنصر : Atomic Number 92 : a heavy toxic silvery-white radioactive metallic element; occurs in many isotopes; used for nuclear fuels and nuclear weapons. "Uranium atomic number 88".

تار : Wire : ligament made of metal and used to fasten things or make cages or fences etc.

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