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Kala Azar Meaning in Urdu

1. Kala Azar, Leishmaniasis, Leishmaniosis : ایک قسم کا پہوڑا یا چھالا : (noun) sores resulting from a tropical infection by protozoa of the genus Leishmania which are spread by sandflies.

Aleppo Boil, Cutaneous Leishmaniasis, Delhi Boil, Old World Leishmaniasis, Oriental Sore, Tropical Sore - leishmaniasis of the skin; characterized by ulcerative skin lesions.

Articulatio Genus, Genu, Human Knee, Knee, Knee Joint : گھٹنا : hinge joint in the human leg connecting the tibia and fibula with the femur and protected in front by the patella.

Infection : اخلاقی بیماری : moral corruption or contamination. "Ambitious men are led astray by an infection that is almost unavoidable"

Sore : جلدی زخم : an open skin infection.

Bed Cover, Bed Covering, Bedcover, Bedspread, Counterpane, Spread : مسہری کی چادر : decorative cover for a bed.

Tropic, Tropical : گرم : of weather or climate; hot and humid as in the tropics. "Tropical weather"

Which : کونسا : interrogatively. "Which matter?"

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