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Kaliuresis Meaning in Urdu

1. Kaliuresis - Kaluresis : پیشاب میں پوٹاشیم کا اخراج : (noun) the presence of excess potassium in the urine.

Useful Words

Excess - Extra - Redundant - Spare - Supererogatory - Superfluous - Supernumerary - Surplus : اضافی : more than is needed, desired, or required. "Supererogatory Prayer"

Atomic Number 19 - K - Potassium : پوٹاشیم : a light soft silver-white metallic element of the alkali metal group; oxidizes rapidly in air and reacts violently with water; is abundant in nature in combined forms occurring in sea water and in carnallite and kainite and sylvite.

Presence : موجودگی : the state of being present; current existence. "He tested for the presence of radon"

Pee - Piddle - Piss - Urine - Water - Weewee : پیشاب : liquid excretory product. "I need to piss so bad"