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Kam Par Lagana : کام پر لگانا

1. Apply, Employ, Use, Utilise, Utilize : استعمال کرنا - کام پر لگانا - فائدہ اٹھانا : (verb) put into service; make work or employ for a particular purpose or for its inherent or natural purpose.

Kam : Work : activity directed toward making or doing something. "Work done or not?"

Khidmat Guzari, Naukari : Service : work done by one person or group that benefits another. "Budget separately for goods and services"

Mulazmat : Service : employment in or work for another. "He retired after 30 years of service"

Khidmat Guzari ... : Service : an act of help or assistance. "Any service for me?"

Kam Karnay Ki Jaga : Work : a place where work is done. "He arrived at work early today"

Kam, Estamal : Purpose : what something is used for. "The function of an auger is to bore holes"

Faida : Service : a means of serving. "Of no avail"

میں نے اپنے بیٹے کا نام عمران رکھا ہے