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کپاس جیسے پھولوں والی گھاس : Kapas Jesay Phoolon Wali Ghas Meaning in English

Kapas Jesay Phoolon Wali Ghas in Detail

1) کپاس جیسے پھولوں والی گھاس : Common Cotton Grass Eriophorum Angustifolium : (noun) having densely tufted white cottony or downlike glumes.

Useful Words

روئی : Absorbent Cotton : cotton made absorbent by removal of the natural wax.

جنوبی افریقی گھاس : African Love Grass, Eragrostis Curvula, Weeping Love Grass : perennial South African grass having densely clumped flimsy stems; introduced into United States especially for erosion control.

سفید پھول والی گھاس : Ague Grass, Ague Root, Aletris Farinosa : colicroot having a scurfy or granuliferous perianth and white flowers; southeastern United States.

ایک لمبی گھاس : Aleppo Grass, Evergreen Millet, Johnson Grass, Means Grass, Sorghum Halepense : tall perennial grass that spreads by creeping rhizomes and is grown for fodder; naturalized in southern United States where it is a serious pest on cultivated land.

میکسکو کی جھاڑی : Arizona Wild Cotton, Gossypium Thurberi, Wild Cotton : shrub of southern Arizona and Mexico.

یورپی گھاس : Barley Grass, Hordeum Murinum, Wall Barley : European annual grass often found as a weed in waste ground especially along roadsides and hedgerows. "He planted barley grass".

باجرے کا پودا : Billion-Dollar Grass, Echinochloa Frumentacea, Japanese Barnyard Millet, Japanese Millet, Sanwa Millet : coarse annual grass cultivated in Japan and southeastern Asia for its edible seeds and for forage; important wildlife food in United States.

ایک قسم کی گھاس : Buchloe Dactyloides, Buffalo Grass : short grass growing on dry plains of central United States (where buffalo roam).

ایک قسم کی گھاس : Bur Grass, Burgrass : a grass of the genus Cenchrus.

غلہ : Cereal, Cereal Grass : grass whose starchy grains are used as food: wheat; rice; rye; oats; maize; buckwheat; millet.

اسپین کی گھاس : Agrostis Nebulosa, Cloud Grass : Spanish grass with light feathery panicles grown for dried bouquets.

عام : Common : having no special distinction or quality; widely known or commonly encountered; average or ordinary or usual. "The common man".

فلوس کا پھول : Ageratum Houstonianum, Common Ageratum : small tender herb grown for its fluffy brushlike blue to lavender blooms. "Ageratum houstonianum is commonly known as flossflower".

شہتوت کی قسم کا درخت : Alnus Glutinosa, Alnus Vulgaris, Common Alder, European Black Alder : medium-sized tree with brown-black bark and woody fruiting catkins; leaves are hairy beneath.

امریکی سدا بہار پودا : Allamanda Cathartica, Common Allamanda, Golden Trumpet : vigorous evergreen climbing plant of South America having glossy leathery foliage and golden yellow flowers.

امریکی شد مچھلی : Alosa Sapidissima, Common American Shad : shad of Atlantic coast of North America; naturalized to Pacific coast.

پیلے پھولوں والی امریکی جھاڑی : Amsinckia Intermedia, Common Amsinckia : annual of western United States with coiled spikes of yellow-orange coiled flowers.

خوبانی کا درخت : Common Apricot, Prunus Armeniaca : temperate zone tree bearing downy yellow to rosy fruits.

چرس کا پودا : Common Arrowhead : a weed, found in very wet soils. "Common Arrowhead is also known as Broadleaf arrowhead".

کلہاڑی : Common Ax, Common Axe, Dayton Ax, Dayton Axe : an ax with a long handle and a head that has one cutting edge and one blunt side. "He bought a common axe for cutting tree stem".

انتہائی سخت بانس : Bambusa Vulgaris, Common Bamboo : extremely vigorous bamboo having thin-walled culms striped green and yellow; so widely cultivated that native area is uncertain.

عام جو : Common Barley, Hordeum Vulgare : grass yielding grain used for breakfast food and animal feed and in malt beverages. "Common Barley is a very healthy grain".

میٹھی تلسی کا پودا : Common Basil, Ocimum Basilicum, Sweet Basil : annual or perennial of tropical Asia having spikes of small white flowers and aromatic leaves; one of the most important culinary herbs; used in salads, casseroles, sauces and some liqueurs.

لوبیا کا پودا : Common Bean, Common Bean Plant, Phaseolus Vulgaris : the common annual twining or bushy bean plant grown for its edible seeds or pods.

سدا بھار لال بیری والی جھاڑی : Arctostaphylos Uva-Ursi, Bear's Grape, Common Bearberry, Creashak, Hog Cranberry, Mealberry, Mountain Box, Red Bearberry, Sand Berry, Sandberry, Wild Cranberry : evergreen mat-forming shrub of North America and northern Eurasia having small white flowers and red berries; leaves turn red in autumn. "Sandberry also known as the Arctostaphylos Uva-Ursi".

برگت جیسا درخت : Common Beech, European Beech, Fagus Sylvatica : large European beech with minutely-toothed leaves; widely planted as an ornamental in North America.

صفراوی نالی : Bile Duct, Common Bile Duct : a duct formed by the hepatic and cystic ducts; opens into the duodenum. "Doctor will widen and drain your bile ducts using endoscopy".

سفید چھال دار یورپی درخت : Betula Pendula, Common Birch, European White Birch, Silver Birch : European birch with silvery white peeling bark and markedly drooping branches.

ایک یورپی چیری کا درخت : Common Bird Cherry, European Bird Cherry, Hagberry Tree, Prunus Padus : small European cherry tree closely resembling the American chokecherry.

امریکی پائلٹ ویل مچھلی : Black Whale, Blackfish, Common Blackfish, Globicephala Melaena, Pilot Whale : small dark-colored whale of the Atlantic coast of the United States; the largest male acts as pilot or leader for the school.

کتابی کیڑا : Common Booklouse, Trogium Pulsatorium : a variety of booklouse.

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