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کارکَردَگی کا مُقابلہ : Karkardagi Ka Muqabla Meaning in English

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Karkardagi Ka Muqabla in Detail

1) کارکردگی کا مقابلہ : Field Test Field Trial : (noun) a test of the performance of some new product under the conditions in which it will be used.

Related : Tryout : trying something to find out about it.

Useful Words

کڑی جانچ : Acid Test : a rigorous or crucial appraisal.

خون کی جانچ : Agglutination Test : a blood test used to identify unknown antigens; blood with the unknown antigen is mixed with a known antibody and whether or not agglutination occurs helps to identify the antigen; used in tissue matching and blood grouping and diagnosis of infections.

ابتدائی ٹیسٹ : Alpha Test : (computer science) a first test of an experimental product (such as computer software) carried out by the developer. "Did you take alpha test of this software?".

کھیل کا میدان : Athletic Field, Field, Playing Area, Playing Field : a piece of land prepared for playing a game. "The home crowd cheered when Princeton took the field".

دوسرا تجربہ : Beta Test : (computer science) a second test of an experimental product (such as computer software) carried out by an outside organization. "WiFi Wireless, Inc Completes beta test‎".

خون کا ٹیسٹ : Complement Fixation Test : a blood test in which a sample of serum is exposed to a particular antigen and complement in order to determine whether or not antibodies to that particular antigen are present; used as a diagnostic test.

گل چنگ : Agrostemma Githago, Corn Campion, Corn Cockle, Crown-Of-The-Field : European annual having large trumpet-shaped reddish-purple flowers and poisonous seed; a common weed in grainfields and beside roadways; naturalized in America.

جدید خوردبین : Dark-Field Microscope, Ultramicroscope : light microscope that uses scattered light to show particles too small to see with ordinary microscopes.

کھیت : Field : a piece of land cleared of trees and usually enclosed. "He planted a field of wheat".

غلہ : Field Corn : corn grown primarily for animal feed or market grain.

کالا جھینگر : Acheta Assimilis, Field Cricket : common American black cricket; attacks crops and also enters dwellings.

کھیلوں کا دن : Field Day : a day for outdoor athletic competition.

چھوٹی دوربین : Field Glass, Glass, Spyglass : a small refracting telescope.

ہاکی کھیل : Field Hockey, Hockey : a game resembling ice hockey that is played on an open field; two opposing teams use curved sticks try to drive a ball into the opponents` net.

امریکی چولائی : Common Horsetail, Equisetum Arvense, Field Horsetail : of Eurasia and Greenland and North America.

عارضی فوجی قیام گاہ : Army Hut, Field Hut, Hut : temporary military shelter.

فٹبال کھیل کا عہدہ دار : Field Judge : a football official. "He is field judge in this game".

یورپی پیپل : Acer Campestre, Field Maple, Hedge Maple : shrubby Eurasian maple often used as a hedge.

فوج میں بلند عہدے والا : Field Marshal : an officer holding the highest rank in the army. "He was field marshal in army".

چراگاہی کھمبی : Agaricus Campestris, Field Mushroom, Meadow Mushroom : common edible mushroom found naturally in moist open soil; the cultivated mushroom of commerce.

جنگلی سرسوں : Brassica Kaber, Chadlock, Charlock, Field Mustard, Sinapis Arvensis, Wild Mustard : weedy Eurasian plant often a pest in grain fields. "He used to plant brassica kaber".

وہ ایریا جس میں سے ساکن آنکھ سے اشیا کو دیکھا جا سکتا ہو : Field Of Regard, Field Of Vision, Visual Field : all of the points of the physical environment that can be perceived by a stable eye at a given moment.

فوجی افسر : Field Officer, Field-Grade Officer, Fo : an officer holding the rank of major or lieutenant colonel or colonel. "Fo stands for field officer".

شکاری کتوں کی کار کردگی کا مقابلہ : Field Trial : a test of young hunting dogs to determine their skill in pointing and retrieving.

تفتیش کرنا : Field Work : an investigation carried out in the field rather than in a laboratory or headquarters.

خون کا ٹیسٹ : Heterophil Test : a blood test to detect heterophil antibodies that agglutinate sheep red blood cells; positive result indicates infectious mononucleosis.

ہوپ پھل کا باغ : Hop Field, Hop Garden : a garden where hops are grown. "We went in a hop garden yesterday".

ذہانت جانچنے کا امتحان : Intelligence Test, Iq Test : a psychometric test of intelligence. "They used to think that intelligence is what an intelligence test tests".

بیرون میدان کا بایاں حصہ : Left, Left Field, Leftfield : the piece of ground in the outfield on the catcher's left. "The batter flied out to left".

جہاں مقناطیسی قوت موجود ہو : Flux, Magnetic Field, Magnetic Flux : the lines of force surrounding a permanent magnet or a moving charged particle.

امداد کے بارے میں تفتیش کرنا : Means Test : an inquiry into the financial position of someone applying for financial aid.

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