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کشتی میں بَحَری سَفَر : Kashti Mein Behri Safar Meaning in English

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Kashti Mein Behri Safar in Detail

1) کشتی میں بحری سفر : Boating Yachting : (noun) water travel for pleasure.

Related : Water Travel : travel by water.

Useful Words

بحری جہاز میں سیر کرنا : Cruise : sail or travel about for pleasure, relaxation, or sightseeing. "We were cruising in the Caribbean".

بحری سفر کرنا : Seafaring, Water Travel : travel by water.

کشتی : Boat : a small vessel for travel on water. "I have come having burnt the boats".

ہوائی جہاز یا جہاز پر سفر کرنا : Navigate, Sail, Voyage : travel on water propelled by wind or by other means. "The QE2 will sail to Southampton tomorrow".

پانی اور خشکی دونوں جگہ کا : Amphibian, Amphibious Vehicle : a flat-bottomed motor vehicle that can travel on land or water.

محظوظ ہونا : Bask, Enjoy, Relish, Savor, Savour : derive or receive pleasure from; get enjoyment from; take pleasure in. "Have you enjoyed sister?".

جس کے آنے سے خوشی نہ ہو : Unwelcome : not welcome; not giving pleasure or received with pleasure. "Unwelcome publicity".

پسند ہونا : Enjoy, Love : get pleasure from. "I love cooking".

سوڈیم : Atomic Number 11, Na, Sodium : a silvery soft waxy metallic element of the alkali metal group; occurs abundantly in natural compounds (especially in salt water); burns with a yellow flame and reacts violently in water; occurs in sea water and in the mineral halite (rock salt).

سیاح : Holidaymaker, Tourer, Tourist : someone who travels for pleasure. "Polish holidaymakers are spending their money".

تفریحی سفر کرنا : Excursion, Expedition, Jaunt, Junket, Outing, Pleasure Trip, Sashay : a journey taken for pleasure. "Many summer excursions to the shore".

بدمزگی پھیلانے والا : Killjoy, Party Pooper, Spoilsport, Wet Blanket : someone who spoils the pleasure of others. "I would not invite any party-pooper".

خوشی : Gladfulness, Gladness, Gladsomeness : experiencing joy and pleasure.

لطف اندوزی کا عمل : Delectation, Enjoyment : act of receiving pleasure from something.

لذیذ : Epicurean, Hedonic, Hedonistic : devoted to pleasure. "A hedonic thrill".

سیر کرنا : Jaunt, Travel, Trip : make a trip for pleasure.

اطمینان بخشنا : Pleasing : giving pleasure and satisfaction. "A pleasing piece of news".

کشش کا باعث : Attracter, Attraction, Attractive Feature, Attractor, Magnet : a characteristic that provides pleasure and attracts. "Flowers are an attractor for bees".

پرلطف : Enjoyable, Gratifying, Pleasurable : affording satisfaction or pleasure. "The company was enjoyable".

بے حسی : Stoicism, Stolidity, Stolidness : an indifference to pleasure or pain.

خوش نمائی : Pleasantness, Sweetness : the quality of giving pleasure. "He was charmed by the sweetness of her manner".

بحری سفر : Cruise, Sail : an ocean trip taken for pleasure.

خوش کرنا : Delight, Please : give pleasure to or be pleasing to. "She has broke up with him but he still does things that pleases her because he is loyal to her".

پر مسرت : Heartwarming : causing gladness and pleasure. "Is there a sight more heartwarming than a family reunion ?".

رغبت : Liking : a feeling of pleasure and enjoyment. "She has always had a liking for reading".

حسن : Beauty : the qualities that give pleasure to the senses. "Beauty is no inheritance".

پرمسرت : Happy : enjoying or showing or marked by joy or pleasure. "A happy smile".

حسین یادیں : Afterglow : the pleasure of remembering some pleasant event. "He basked in the afterglow of his victory".

تسکین کی آواز : Aah, Ooh : express admiration and pleasure by uttering `ooh` or `aah`. "They oohed and aahed when they unwrapped the presents".

صابرانہ : Stoic, Stoical : seeming unaffected by pleasure or pain; impassive. "Stoic courage".

گروہ : Party : a group of people gathered together for pleasure. "She joined the party after dinner".

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