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Keynote meaning in Urdu

Keynote Definitions

1 of 2) Keynote : بنیادی نکتہ : (noun) the principal theme in a speech or literary work.


2 of 2) Keynote : مرکزی خیال : (noun) a fundamental or central idea.

Useful Words

Burden : خلاصہ , Tonal : سر سے متعلق , Vernacular : بازاری زبان , Lifework : زندگی بھر کا کام , Compose : تحریر کرنا , Title : عنوان , Agonist : مرکزی کردار , Analecta : ادبی اقتباسات کا مجموعہ , Baddie : فلمی غنڈا , Castration : خارج کرنے کا عمل , Republication : دوبارہ شائع شدہ , Fiction : افسانہ , Lucubration : مطالعہ , Scenario : خاکہ , Motif : حلیہ , Copyright : حق اشاعت , Cosigner : شریک دستخط کنندہ , Spoken : زبانی , Theme : پر کشش بنانا , Recapitulate : دہرانا , Concept Album : ایک سی موسیقی , Horsepower-Hour : ;w;t;v واٹ بجلی کا ۱ گھنٹہ , Strike : ہڑتال , Labor : محنت مشقت , Literati : اہل علم , Sketch : مختصر بیان , Simple Interest : سادا سود , Best Man : دولھا کا خاص ساتھی شادی کے موقع پر , Sheriff : تھانےدار , Essayist : ادیب , Tempest : آندھی

Useful Words Definitions

Burden: the central meaning or theme of a speech or literary work.

Tonal: having tonality; i.e. tones and chords organized in relation to one tone such as a keynote or tonic.

Vernacular: the everyday speech of the people (as distinguished from literary language).

Lifework: the principal work of your career.

Compose: produce a literary work.

Title: the name of a work of art or literary composition etc..

Agonist: the principal character in a work of fiction.

Analecta: a collection of excerpts from a literary work.

Baddie: the principal bad character in a film or work of fiction.

Castration: the deletion of objectionable parts from a literary work.

Republication: something that has been published again; a fresh publication (as of a literary work).

Fiction: a literary work based on the imagination and not necessarily on fact.

Lucubration: a solemn literary work that is the product of laborious cogitation.

Scenario: an outline or synopsis of a play (or, by extension, of a literary work).

Motif: a unifying idea that is a recurrent element in literary or artistic work.

Copyright: a document granting exclusive right to publish and sell literary or musical or artistic work.

Cosigner: a signer in addition to the principal signer (to verify the authenticity of the principal signature or to provide surety).

Spoken: uttered through the medium of speech or characterized by speech; sometimes used in combination.

Theme: provide with a particular theme or motive.

Recapitulate: repeat an earlier theme of a composition.

Concept Album: an album whose recordings are unified by some theme (instrumental or lyrical or narrative or compositional).

Horsepower-Hour: a unit of work equal to the work done by one horsepower in one hour.

Strike: a group's refusal to work in protest against low pay or bad work conditions.

Labor: productive work (especially physical work done for wages).

Literati: the literary intelligentsia.

Sketch: a brief literary description.

Simple Interest: interest paid on the principal alone.

Best Man: the principal groomsman at a wedding.

Sheriff: the principal law-enforcement officer.

Essayist: a writer of literary works.

Tempest: (literary) a violent wind.

Related Words

Idea : ارادہ , Subject : موضوع

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