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خاکَہ : Khaka Meaning in English

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1 of 14) خاکہ تصویر : Impression Mental Picture Picture : (noun) a clear and telling mental image.

Related : Mental Image : an iconic mental representation.

2 of 14) خاکہ : Sketch Study : (noun) preliminary drawing for later elaboration.

Related : Rough Drawing : a preliminary sketch of a design or picture.

3 of 14) منصوبہ خاکہ منصوبہ بندی : Plan Program Programme : (noun) a series of steps to be carried out or goals to be accomplished.

Related : Thought : the content of cognition; the main thing you are thinking about. Scheme : a schematic or preliminary plan. Pattern : something intended as a guide for making something else.

4 of 14) خاکہ : Form Pattern Shape : (noun) a perceptual structure.

Related : Perceptual Experience : the representation of what is perceived; basic component in the formation of a concept. Grid : a pattern of regularly spaced horizontal and vertical lines.

5 of 14) شکل نقشہ خاکہ : Diagram Plot : (verb) make a schematic or technical drawing of that shows interactions among variables or how something is constructed.

Related : Draw : represent by making a drawing of, as with a pencil, chalk, etc. on a surface.

6 of 14) نقشہ خاکہ : Architectural Plan Plan : (noun) scale drawing of a structure.

7 of 14) تصویر خاکہ : Drawing : (noun) an illustration that is drawn by hand and published in a book, magazine, or newspaper.

Related : Nontextual Matter : photographs or other visual representations in a printed publication.

8 of 14) خاکہ : Draft Rough Drawing : (noun) a preliminary sketch of a design or picture.

Related : Study : preliminary drawing for later elaboration.

9 of 14) خاکہ منظر نامہ : Scenario : (noun) an outline or synopsis of a play (or, by extension, of a literary work).

Related : Script : a written version of a play or other dramatic composition; used in preparing for a performance.

10 of 14) خاکہ : Adumbration : (noun) a sketchy or imperfect or faint representation.

Related : Representation : a creation that is a visual or tangible rendering of someone or something.

11 of 14) خاکہ منظر نامہ : Scenario : (noun) a setting for a work of art or literature.

Related : Setting : the context and environment in which something is set.

12 of 14) خاکہ : Likeness Semblance : (noun) picture consisting of a graphic image of a person or thing.

Related : Picture : a visual representation (of an object or scene or person or abstraction) produced on a surface. Portrayal : any likeness of a person, in any medium.

13 of 14) منصوبہ خاکہ : Outline Schema Scheme : (noun) a schematic or preliminary plan.

Related : Programme : a series of steps to be carried out or goals to be accomplished.

14 of 14) خاکہ : Silhouette : (noun) a drawing of the outline of an object; filled in with some uniform color.

Useful Words

آسکر کا ادارہ : Academy Of Motion Picture Arts And Sciences : an academy that gives annual awards for achievements in motion picture production and performance.

سمجھ لینا : Apprehend, Compass, Comprehend, Dig, Get The Picture, Grasp, Grok, Savvy : get the meaning of something. "Do you comprehend the meaning of this letter?".

دماغی : Mental : involving the mind or an intellectual process. "Mental images of happy times".

رویہ : Attitude, Mental Attitude : a complex mental state involving beliefs and feelings and values and dispositions to act in certain ways. "We admit that we haven`t paid the rent for six months but we didn`t like your attitude the way you entered our house without permission".

ذہنیت : Brain, Brainpower, Learning Ability, Mental Capacity, Mentality, Wit : mental ability. "Your brother has dirty mentality".

ذہنی الجھاو : Confusedness, Confusion, Disarray, Mental Confusion, Muddiness : a mental state characterized by a lack of clear and orderly thought and behavior. "A confusion of impressions".

ذہنی معذوری : Abnormality, Mental Defectiveness : retardation sufficient to fall outside the normal range of intelligence.

ذہنی کمی : Mental Deficiency, Moronity : mild mental retardation.

پھرتی : Mental Dexterity, Nimbleness : intelligence as revealed by quickness and alertness of mind. "Nimbleness of wit and imagination".

دماغی بیماری : Disturbance, Folie, Mental Disorder, Mental Disturbance, Psychological Disorder : (psychiatry) a psychological disorder of thought or emotion; a more neutral term than mental illness.

ذہنی صلاحیت : Faculty, Mental Faculty, Module : one of the inherent cognitive or perceptual powers of the mind.

تصویر : Image, Mental Image : an iconic mental representation. "Her imagination forced images upon her too awful to contemplate".

خیالی : Imagery, Imagination, Imaging, Mental Imagery : the ability to form mental images of things or events. "He could still hear her in his imagination".

ذہانت : Mental Quickness, Quick-Wittedness, Quickness : intelligence as revealed by an ability to give correct responses without delay.

یقین کے بارے میں شک ہونا : Disbelief, Incredulity, Mental Rejection, Skepticism : doubt about the truth of something.

تصور : Internal Representation, Mental Representation, Representation : a presentation to the mind in the form of an idea or image.

تحفظ : Arriere Pensee, Mental Reservation, Reservation : an unstated doubt that prevents you from accepting something wholeheartedly. "I have reservation on this plan".

پسماندگی : Backwardness, Mental Retardation, Retardation, Slowness, Subnormality : lack of normal development of intellectual capacities.

تناو : Mental Strain, Nervous Strain, Strain : (psychology) nervousness resulting from mental stress. "His responsibilities were a constant strain".

اشراق کا ماہر : Mental Telepathist, Mind Reader, Telepathist, Thought-Reader : someone with the power of communicating thoughts directly.

متحرک فلم : Film, Flick, Motion Picture, Motion-Picture Show, Movie, Moving Picture, Moving-Picture Show, Pic, Picture, Picture Show : a form of entertainment that enacts a story by sound and a sequence of images giving the illusion of continuous movement. "This is totally bullshit movie".

یاد تازہ کرنا : Evoke, Paint A Picture, Suggest : call to mind. "This remark evoked sadness".

تصور کرنا : Envision, Fancy, Figure, Image, Picture, Project, See, Visualise, Visualize : imagine; conceive of; see in one's mind. "I can't see him on horseback!".

ایک چوڑے چھجے والا زنانہ ہیٹ : Picture Hat : a woman's dressy hat with a wide brim.

سینما : Cinema, Movie House, Movie Theater, Movie Theatre, Picture Palace : a theater where films are shown. "At the cinema".

عکس بندی کا عمل : Photography, Picture Taking : the act of taking and printing photographs.

ایک کھڑکی جس کا صرف ایک ہی پٹ ہو : Picture Window : a large window with a single pane (usually overlooking a view).

تصویری تحریر : Picture Writing : a writing system using pictographs.

مجسم تصویر : Stereo, Stereoscopic Photograph, Stereoscopic Picture : two photographs taken from slightly different angles that appear three-dimensional when viewed together.

شادی کی تصویر : Wedding Picture : photographs of bride and groom and their friends taken at their wedding.

ایکسرے : Roentgenogram, X Ray, X-Ray, X-Ray Photograph, X-Ray Picture : a radiogram made by exposing photographic film to X rays; used in medical diagnosis. "He got his X ray done".

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