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Khana Dar Almari : خانہ دار الماری

1. Chiffonier, Commode : خانہ دار الماری : (noun) a tall elegant chest of drawers.

Sandooq : Chest : box with a lid; used for storage; usually large and sturdy.

Daraz : Drawer : a boxlike container in a piece of furniture; made so as to slide in and out.

Daraz Qad Shakh... : Tall : a garment size for a tall person.

Sina, Chati : Chest : the part of the human torso between the neck and the diaphragm or the corresponding part in other vertebrates. "I have had pain in my chest"

Chati, Sina : Chest : the front of the trunk from the neck to the abdomen. "He beat his breast in anger"

Cheek Likhny Wala : Drawer : the person who writes a check or draft instructing the drawee to pay someone else.

Kamal Ka : Tall : too improbable to admit of belief. "A tall story"

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