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کہنی : Khani Meaning in English

Khani Synonyms


Khani in Detail

1 of 2) کہنی : Articulatio Cubiti Cubital Joint Cubitus Elbow Elbow Joint Human Elbow : (noun) hinge joint between the forearm and upper arm and the corresponding joint in the forelimb of a quadruped.

2 of 2) کہنی کی ہڈی کہنی : Crazy Bone Funny Bone : (noun) a point on the elbow where the ulnar nerve passes near the surface; a sharp tingling sensation results when the nerve is knocked against the bone.

Useful Words

مہرہ : Condyle , آپریشن کے ذریعے جوڑ کا علاج : Arthrodesis , کولہے کا جوڑ : Hip Socket , گھٹنے کی ہڈی : Kneecap , ٹخنے کی ہڈی : Anklebone , انسان کے گھٹنے کا جوڑ : Knee , گھٹنا : Articulatio Genus , عضد : Humerus , ھڈی کی سوزش : Osteomyelitis , ہڈی کی رسولی : Osteochondroma , مرمری ہڈیاں : Albers-Schonberg Disease , مغزی سلعہ : Myeloma , پیشانی کی ہڈی : Forehead , ہاتھ کی رگ : Accessory Cephalic Vein , ہڈی اتر جانا : Abarticulation , موڑنا : Bend , جوڑنا : Articulate , متفقہ : Concerted , جوڑوں کی سوزش : Arthritis , پرندے کی ٹانگ کا نچلا جوڑ : Drumstick , جوڑوں کا درد : Arthralgia , خمیدگی : Flection , تعاون : Cooperation , پاوں : Foot , انگلی کا جوڑ : Knuckle , دوہری حاکمیت : Diarchy , ساجھے دار : Copartner , آسانی سے جوڑ کا حرکت کرنا : Articulatio Synovialis , جڑا ہونا : Articulate , پیر کے انگوٹھے پر پڑنے والی تکلیف دہ گلٹھی : Bunion , جوڑ کی ایکسرے فلم : Arthrogram

Useful Words Definitions

Condyle: a round bump on a bone where it forms a joint with another bone.

Arthrodesis: the surgical fixation of a joint which is intended to result in bone fusion.

Hip Socket: the socket part of the ball-and-socket joint between the head of the femur and the innominate bone.

Kneecap: a small flat triangular bone in front of the knee that protects the knee joint.

Anklebone: the bone in the ankle that articulates with the leg bones to form the ankle joint.

Knee: joint between the femur and tibia in a quadruped; corresponds to the human knee.

Articulatio Genus: hinge joint in the human leg connecting the tibia and fibula with the femur and protected in front by the patella.

Humerus: bone extending from the shoulder to the elbow.

Osteomyelitis: an inflammation of bone and bone marrow (usually caused by bacterial infection).

Osteochondroma: benign tumor containing both bone and cartilage; usually occurs near the end of a long bone.

Albers-Schonberg Disease: an inherited disorder characterized by an increase in bone density; in severe forms the bone marrow cavity may be obliterated.

Myeloma: a tumor of the bone marrow (usually malignant) composed of cells normally found in bone marrow.

Forehead: the large cranial bone forming the front part of the cranium: includes the upper part of the orbits.

Accessory Cephalic Vein: a vein that passes along the radial edge of the forearm and joins the cephalic vein near the elbow.

Abarticulation: dislocation of a joint.

Bend: bend a joint.

Articulate: provide with a joint.

Concerted: involving the joint activity of two or more.

Arthritis: inflammation of a joint or joints.

Drumstick: the lower joint of the leg of a fowl.

Arthralgia: pain in a joint or joints.

Flection: the state of being flexed (as of a joint).

Cooperation: joint operation or action.

Foot: the part of the leg of a human being below the ankle joint.

Knuckle: a joint of a finger when the fist is closed.

Diarchy: a form of government having two joint rulers.

Copartner: a joint partner (as in a business enterprise).

Articulatio Synovialis: a joint so articulated as to move freely.

Articulate: unite by forming a joint or joints.

Bunion: a painful swelling of the bursa of the first joint of the big toe.

Arthrogram: an X ray of a joint after the injection of a contrast medium.

Related Words

بازو : Arm , ہڈی کا جوڑ : Ginglymoid Joint

Close Words

کہنی مار کر ہٹانا : Elbow

Close Words Definitions

Elbow: push one's way with the elbows.

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