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کھیلوں کا دِن : Khelon Ka Din Meaning in English

Khelon Ka Din in Detail

1) کھیلوں کا دن : Field Day : (noun) a day for outdoor athletic competition.


Useful Words

پھلانگتے ہوئے : Jumping , کھیل کے مقابلوں میں لوہے کا بھاری سا گولہ دور تک پھینکنے کا مقابلہ : Shot Put , تھالی : Discus , کھیلوں کا مقابلہ : Track Meet , کتاب کے مشکل الفاظ کی فہرست : Gloss , فٹ بال اور دوسرے کھیلوں کا ایک اصول : Offside , کھیل میں حصہ لینے والا : Outdoor Man , گھر سے باہر پکا گوشت : Barbecued , بل بورڈ : Billboard , گھر سے باہر تفریح : Field Day , سہارے والی کرسی : Yacht Chair , ایک کھیل : Court Game , جسمانی صلاحیت بڑھانے کے لئے دوا کھانا : Dope , پانچ فریقوں یا ٹیموں کے درمیان کھیلوں کا مقابلہ جس میں ہر فریق پانچ مرتبہ کھیلتا ہے : Pentathlon , دس ورزشوں پر مشتمل سرتی مقابلہ : Decathlon , آنگن : Patio , اعتدال پسندی : Fair Weather , خوشی کے موقع پر لگائی جانے والی آگ : Balefire , تفریح گاہ : Playground , گاڑی سے سامان بیچنے کا عمل : Boot Sale , بیرونی کام کرنے کےلئے مامور مزدور : Yardman , جمنازیم : Gym , قدیم یونانی مقابلہ : Agonistic , میدان جنگ میں : Afield , چھلانگ لگانے کا مقابلہ : Hop-Step-And-Jump , لاکر کمرہ : Locker Room , مقابلہ : Race , مسابقانہ : Competitively , بے رحمانہ : Bowelless , مقابلے میں حصہ لینے والا : Entrant , جیتنے والا : Champ

Useful Words Definitions

Jumping: the act of participating in an athletic competition in which you must jump.

Shot Put: an athletic competition in which a heavy metal ball is hurled as far as possible.

Discus: an athletic competition in which a disk-shaped object is thrown as far as possible.

Track Meet: a track and field competition between two or more teams.

Gloss: an alphabetical list of technical terms in some specialized field of knowledge; usually published as an appendix to a text on that field.

Offside: (sport) the mistake of occupying an illegal position on the playing field (in football, soccer, ice hockey, field hockey, etc.).

Outdoor Man: someone who enjoys outdoor activities.

Barbecued: cooked over an outdoor grill.

Billboard: large outdoor signboard.

Field Day: a day devoted to an outdoor social gathering.

Yacht Chair: a light folding armchair for outdoor use.

Court Game: an athletic game played on a court.

Dope: take drugs to improve one`s athletic performance.

Pentathlon: an athletic contest consisting of five different events.

Decathlon: an athletic contest consisting of ten different events.

Patio: usually paved outdoor area adjoining a residence.

Fair Weather: moderate weather; suitable for outdoor activities.

Balefire: a large outdoor fire that is lighted as a signal or in celebration.

Playground: yard consisting of an outdoor area for children's play.

Boot Sale: an outdoor sale at which people sell things from the trunk of their car.

Yardman: a laborer hired to do outdoor work (such as mowing lawns).

Gym: athletic facility equipped for sports or physical training.

Agonistic: of or relating to the athletic contests held in ancient Greece.

Afield: in or into a field (especially a field of battle).

Hop-Step-And-Jump: an athletic contest in which a competitor must perform successively a hop and a step and a jump in continuous movement.

Locker Room: a room (as at an athletic facility or workplace) where you can change clothes and which contains lockers for the temporary storage of your clothing and personal possessions.

Race: any competition.

Competitively: in competition.

Bowelless: ruthless in competition.

Entrant: one who enters a competition.

Champ: someone who has won first place in a competition.

Related Words

یوم : Day

Close Words

کھیلوں کی بڑی لیگ : Big League , کھیلوں میں فیصلہ کرنے والا : Ump , باہمی مقابلہ : Tournament , کھیلوں کی خبریں : Sportscast , کہولانہ : Scald , کھیلوں کا پروگرام : Sportscast , کھیلوں میں فیصلہ ساز بننا : Referee

Close Words Definitions

Big League: the most important league in any sport (especially baseball).

Ump: an official at game.

Tournament: a sporting competition in which contestants play a series of games to decide the winner.

Sportscast: a broadcast of sports news or commentary.

Scald: a burn cause by hot liquid or steam.

Sportscast: broadcast a sports event.

Referee: be a referee or umpire in a sports competition.

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