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کِھلتا پہول : Khelta Phool Meaning in English

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1) کھلتا پہول : Bud : (noun) a partially opened flower.

Related : Flower : reproductive organ of angiosperm plants especially one having showy or colorful parts. Rosebud : the bud of a rose.

Useful Words

ایک قسم کا پہول : Ray Floret, Ray Flower : small flower with a flat strap-shaped corolla usually occupying the peripheral rings of a composite flower.

بند : Unopened : not yet opened or unsealed. "Unopened Christmas presents".

چٹخنی : Door Latch, Latch : spring-loaded doorlock that can only be opened from the outside with a key.

نیم شفاف : Semiopaque : partially opaque.

نیم خود کار : Semiautomatic : partially automatic.

نیلی بیری والی جھاڑی : High-Bush Blueberry, Swamp Blueberry, Tall Bilberry, Vaccinium Corymbosum : high-growing deciduous shrub of eastern North America bearing edible blueish to blackish berries with a distinct bloom; source of most cultivated blueberries.

پگلی ہوئی برف : Slush : partially melted snow.

جھوٹا کھانا : Half-Eaten : partially consumed food. "I don`t eat half-eaten food".

چٹخانا : Crack : break partially but keep its integrity. "The glass cracked".

رونق : Dazzle : brightness enough to blind partially and temporarily.

ناکافی ملبوس : Deshabille, Dishabille : the state of being carelessly or partially dressed.

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