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Khilaari Kay Jooty Kay Taley Ki Koi Nook : کھلاڑی کے جوتے کے تَلے کی کوئی نوک

1. Spike : کھلاڑی کے جوتے کے تلے کی کوئی نوک : (noun) each of the sharp points on the soles of athletic shoes to prevent slipping (or the shoes themselves).

Nook : Point : sharp end. "He stuck the point of the knife into a tree"

Nook Wall Sui : Sharp : a long thin sewing needle with a sharp point.

Sift : Point : a distinguishing or individuating characteristic. "He knows my bad points as well as my good points"

Tez Dhar Pan : Point : the property of a shape that tapers to a sharp tip.

Tala, Tlua : Sole : the underside of the foot.

Tafseel : Point : an isolated fact that is considered separately from the whole. "Several of the details are similar"

Nqta : Point : a geometric element that has position but no extension. "A point is defined by its coordinates"

Muzo : Point : the object of an activity. "What is the point of discussing it?"