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خُود تقسیمی کا حامِل عدد : Khud Taqseemi Ka Hamil Adad Meaning in English

Khud Taqseemi Ka Hamil Adad in Detail

1) خود تقسیمی کا حامل عدد : Square Root : (noun) a number that when multiplied by itself equals a given number.

Useful Words

غیر عمومی جڑ : Adventitious Root : root growing in an unusual location e.g. from a stem.

سفید پھول والی گھاس : Ague Grass, Ague Root, Aletris Farinosa : colicroot having a scurfy or granuliferous perianth and white flowers; southeastern United States.

ایک گودے دار بغیر پتوں کا پودا : Blue Cohosh, Blueberry Root, Caulophyllum Thalictrioides, Caulophyllum Thalictroides, Papoose Root, Papooseroot, Squaw Root, Squawroot : tall herb of eastern North America and Asia having blue berrylike fruit and a thick knotty rootstock formerly used medicinally.

پترسیلی کی جڑ : Apium Graveolens Rapaceum, Celeriac, Celery Root, Knob Celery, Root Celery, Turnip-Rooted Celery : grown for its thickened edible aromatic root.

پھولدار جھاڑی : Crested Coral Root, Hexalectris Spicata : orchid with yellowish-brown flowers with dark veins; southeastern Arizona to the eastern United States.

شمالی امریکہ میں پائی جانے والی جڑی بوٹی : Cardamine Diphylla, Crinkle Root, Crinkle-Root, Crinkleroot, Dentaria Diphylla, Pepper Root, Toothwort : North American herb with pungent scaly or toothed roots.

یورپی اروی کی جڑ : Horseradish, Horseradish Root : the root of the horseradish plant; it is grated or ground and used for seasoning.

دباو کی اکائی : Pounds Per Square Inch, Psi : a unit of pressure.

چورنگی : Public Square, Square : an open area at the meeting of two or more streets.

جڑ : Root : (botany) the usually underground organ that lacks buds or leaves or nodes; absorbs water and mineral salts; usually it anchors the plant to the ground.

سوڈے کا ایک مشروب : Root Beer : carbonated drink containing extracts of roots and herbs.

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