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Khulla Hawa : کھُلا ہوا

1. Unrestrained : بے قابو - کھلا ہوا : (adjective) not subject to restraint.

2. Unbarred, Unbolted, Unlatched, Unlocked, Unsecured : کھلا ہوا - غیر مستحکم : not firmly fastened or secured.

Mumaaneyat, Bandish : Restraint : the act of controlling by restraining someone or something. "The unlawful restraint of trade"

Sadgi : Restraint : lack of ornamentation. "The room was simply decorated with great restraint"

Zabt : Restraint : discipline in personal and social activities. "He was a model of polite restraint"

Muzo : Subject : some situation or event that is thought about. "He kept drifting off the topic"

Mazmon, Taleem Ka Shuba : Subject : a branch of knowledge. "In what discipline is his doctorate?"

Pabandi : Restraint : a rule or condition that limits freedom. "Legal restraints"

Muzo : Subject : the subject matter of a conversation or discussion. "He didn`t want to discuss that subject"