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خوشبودار پھولوں والی جڑی بوٹی : Khushbudar Phoolon Wali Jari Boti Meaning in English

Khushbudar Phoolon Wali Jari Boti in Detail

1) خوشبودار پھولوں والی جڑی بوٹی : Common Horehound Marrubium Vulgare White Horehound : (noun) European aromatic herb with hairy leaves and numerous white flowers in axillary cymes; leaves yield a bitter extract use medicinally and as flavoring.


Useful Words

لونگ : Golden Buttons , برنجاسف جڑی بوٹی : Artemisia Vulgaris , پودینہ : Mentha Piperita , سدا بہار بوٹی : Coltsfoot , گل حواشی : Common Speedwell , میتھی : Fenugreek , زہریلی بوٹی : Herb Of Grace , ایک زہریلا پودا : Aconitum Napellus , بالوں والی بوٹی : Catmint , ایک زہریلا پیڑ : Black Henbane , سدا بہار کا پودہ جس میں گلابی سفید اور اودے رنگ کے پھول ہوتے ہیں : Abelia , مغربی مغربی کا ایک درخت : Arere , اسپغول : Plantain , خوشبو دار جڑ والی چینی جری بوٹی : Ginseng , پھلی دار پودا : Hoary Pea , یورپ امریکہ میں پایا جانے والا پودا : Bog Myrtle , سویابین : Glycine Max , صابن والا پودا : Bouncing Bess , زعفران : Crocus Sativus , ایک ہرے پتوں والا پودا : Achillea Ptarmica , لال زہریلی بیری : Actaea Rubra , میٹھی تلسی کا پودا : Common Basil , یورپی جھاڑی : Hieracium Pilocella , دھنیا : Parsley , گل مریم : Common Sage , ایک خوبصورت درخت : Bay , شہتوت جیسا پھل : Hop , ایک پھلی دار پودا : Senna , مہک دار پودا : Anthriscus Cereifolium , منفرد پھولوں والا پودا : Common Spotted Orchid , ایک قسم کا پودا : Hyssop

Useful Words Definitions

Golden Buttons: common perennial aromatic herb native to Eurasia having buttonlike yellow flower heads and bitter-tasting pinnate leaves sometimes used medicinally.

Artemisia Vulgaris: European tufted aromatic perennial herb having hairy red or purple stems and dark green leaves downy white below and red-brown florets.

Mentha Piperita: herb with downy leaves and small purple or white flowers that yields a pungent oil used as a flavoring.

Coltsfoot: perennial herb with large rounded leaves resembling a colt's foot and yellow flowers appearing before the leaves do; native to Europe but now nearly cosmopolitan; used medicinally especially formerly.

Common Speedwell: common hairy European perennial with pale blue or lilac flowers in axillary racemes.

Fenugreek: annual herb or southern Europe and eastern Asia having off-white flowers and aromatic seeds used medicinally and in curry.

Herb Of Grace: European strong-scented perennial herb with grey-green bitter-tasting leaves; an irritant similar to poison ivy.

Aconitum Napellus: a poisonous herb native to northern Europe having hooded blue-purple flowers; the dried leaves and roots yield aconite.

Catmint: hairy aromatic perennial herb having whorls of small white purple-spotted flowers in a terminal spike; used in the past as a domestic remedy; strongly attractive to cats.

Black Henbane: poisonous fetid Old World herb having sticky hairy leaves and yellow-brown flowers; yields hyoscyamine and scopolamine.

Abelia: any of various deciduous or evergreen ornamental shrubs of the genus Abelia having opposite simple leaves and cymes of small white or pink or purplish flowers; Asia and Mexico.

Arere: large west African tree having large palmately lobed leaves and axillary cymose panicles of small white flowers and one-winged seeds; yields soft white to pale yellow wood.

Plantain: any of numerous plants of the genus Plantago; mostly small roadside or dooryard weeds with elliptic leaves and small spikes of very small flowers; seeds of some used medicinally.

Ginseng: Chinese herb with palmately compound leaves and small greenish flowers and forked aromatic roots believed to have medicinal powers.

Hoary Pea: a plant of the genus Tephrosia having pinnate leaves and white or purplish flowers and flat hairy pods.

Bog Myrtle: perennial plant of Europe and America having racemes of white or purplish flowers and intensely bitter trifoliate leaves; often rooting at water margin and spreading across the surface.

Glycine Max: erect bushy hairy annual herb having trifoliate leaves and purple to pink flowers; extensively cultivated for food and forage and soil improvement but especially for its nutritious oil-rich seeds; native to Asia.

Bouncing Bess: plant of European origin having pink or white flowers and leaves yielding a detergent when bruised.

Crocus Sativus: Old World crocus having purple or white flowers with aromatic pungent orange stigmas used in flavoring food.

Achillea Ptarmica: Eurasian herb having loose heads of button-shaped white flowers and long grey-green leaves that cause sneezing when powdered.

Actaea Rubra: North American perennial herb with alternately compound leaves and racemes of small white flowers followed by bright red oval poisonous berries.

Common Basil: annual or perennial of tropical Asia having spikes of small white flowers and aromatic leaves; one of the most important culinary herbs; used in salads, casseroles, sauces and some liqueurs.

Hieracium Pilocella: European hawkweed having soft hairy leaves; sometimes placed in genus Hieracium.

Parsley: aromatic herb with flat or crinkly leaves that are cut finely and used to garnish food.

Common Sage: shrubby plant with aromatic greyish-green leaves used as a cooking herb.

Bay: small Mediterranean evergreen tree with small blackish berries and glossy aromatic leaves used for flavoring in cooking; also used by ancient Greeks to crown victors.

Hop: twining perennials having cordate leaves and flowers arranged in conelike spikes; the dried flowers of this plant are used in brewing to add the characteristic bitter taste to beer.

Senna: any of various plants of the genus Senna having pinnately compound leaves and showy usually yellow flowers; many are used medicinally.

Anthriscus Cereifolium: aromatic annual Old World herb cultivated for its finely divided and often curly leaves for use especially in soups and salads.

Common Spotted Orchid: European orchid having lanceolate leaves spotted purple and pink to white or mauve flowers spotted or lined deep red or purple.

Hyssop: a European mint with aromatic and pungent leaves used in perfumery and as a seasoning in cookery; often cultivated as a remedy for bruises; yields hyssop oil.

Related Words

خوشبودار جڑی بوٹی : Horehound

Close Words

خوشبودار امریکی جھاڑی : Collinsonia Canadensis , خوشبودار جھاڑی : Cretan Dittany , خوشبودار جھاڑی : Boulder Fern , خوشبودار ہائڈروکاربن : Aromatic Hydrocarbon , خوشبودار چپچپی جھاڑی : Cistus Ladanifer , خوشبودار کیمیاء : Acetaldehyde , خوشبودار بوٹی : Herb

Close Words Definitions

Collinsonia Canadensis: erect perennial strong-scented with serrate pointed leaves and a loose panicle of yellowish flowers; the eastern United States.

Cretan Dittany: dwarf aromatic shrub of Crete.

Boulder Fern: fern of eastern North America with pale green fronds and an aroma like hay.

Aromatic Hydrocarbon: a hydrocarbon that contains one or more benzene rings that are characteristic of the benzene series of organic compounds.

Cistus Ladanifer: shrub having white flowers and viscid stems and leaves yielding a fragrant oleoresin used in perfumes especially as a fixative.

Acetaldehyde: a colorless volatile water-soluble liquid aldehyde used chiefly in the manufacture of acetic acid and perfumes and drugs.

Herb: aromatic potherb used in cookery for its savory qualities.

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