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خُوشی سے اُچھل پڑنے : Khushi Se Uchal Parnay Meaning in English

Khushi Se Uchal Parnay in Sentences

He is jumping for joy.
Who cannot exult in Spring?

Khushi Se Uchal Parnay in Detail

1) خوشی سے اچھل پڑنے : Be On Cloud Nine Exult Jump For Joy Walk On Air : (verb) feel extreme happiness or elation.

Useful Words

شادمانی : Joy , مسرت : Bliss , آسمانی چمک : Lightning , غصہ کرنا : Chafe , پچھتانا : Regret , بشاشت : Euphoria , خوشی دینے والی چیز : Delight , مسرت : Joy , بھلا کرنا : Bless , انتہائی خوشی : Beatification , اطمینان : Contentment , شادمانی : Rejoicing , برے حالات : Ill-Being , خوشی کا دیوتا : Hotei , جنت : Elysium , ایک ہزار سال سے متعلق : Chiliastic , مسرت یا خوشی کا وقت : Summer , مسکراتا ہوا : Laughing , شگاف : Rift , بدل جیسا : Cloudlike , گہرے بادل : Cumulus , دہوئیں کے بادل : Smother , پھیلا ھوا بادل : Stratus , کھل اٹھنا : Beam , دھویں کا اخراج : Fume , گیس کا بادل : Aerosol , دھواں : Fume , دھند : Fog , برسنے والے بادل : Nimbus , بادلوں کا علم : Nephology , گرجنے والا بادل : Cumulonimbus

Useful Words Definitions

Joy: feel happiness or joy.

Bliss: a state of extreme happiness.

Lightning: abrupt electric discharge from cloud to cloud or from cloud to earth accompanied by the emission of light.

Chafe: feel extreme irritation or anger.

Regret: feel remorse for; feel sorry for; be contrite about.

Euphoria: a feeling of great (usually exaggerated) elation.

Delight: something or someone that provides a source of happiness.

Joy: the emotion of great happiness.

Bless: confer prosperity or happiness on.

Beatification: a state of supreme happiness.

Contentment: happiness with one's situation in life.

Rejoicing: a feeling of great happiness.

Ill-Being: lack of prosperity or happiness or health.

Hotei: one of the 7 Japanese Shinto-gods of happiness.

Elysium: a place or condition of ideal happiness.

Chiliastic: relating to or believing in the millennium of peace and happiness.

Summer: the period of finest development, happiness, or beauty.

Laughing: showing or feeling mirth or pleasure or happiness.

Rift: a gap between cloud masses.

Cloudlike: resembling a cloud.

Cumulus: a globular cloud.

Smother: a stifling cloud of smoke.

Stratus: a large dark low cloud.

Beam: experience a feeling of well-being or happiness, as from good health or an intense emotion.

Fume: emit a cloud of fine particles.

Aerosol: a cloud of solid or liquid particles in a gas.

Fume: a cloud of fine particles suspended in a gas.

Fog: an atmosphere in which visibility is reduced because of a cloud of some substance.

Nimbus: a dark grey cloud bearing rain.

Nephology: the branch of meteorology that studies clouds and cloud formation.

Cumulonimbus: a dark cloud of great vertical extent charged with electricity; associated with thunderstorms.

Close Words

خوشی سےنعرا لگانا : Cheer , خوشی سے چیخنا : Whoop , خوشی کے موقع پر لگائی جانے والی آگ : Balefire , خوشی سے : Gleefully , بے قراری : Excitement , زندہ دلی سے : Blithely , خوشی سے : Ecstatically , مبارک : Beatific , مسرت : Glee , خوشی کا نعرہ : Whoopee , نہایت خوش : Exultant

Close Words Definitions

Cheer: show approval or good wishes by shouting.

Whoop: shout, as if with joy or enthusiasm.

Balefire: a large outdoor fire that is lighted as a signal or in celebration.

Gleefully: in a joyous and gleeful manner.

Excitement: the feeling of lively and cheerful joy.

Blithely: in a joyous manner.

Ecstatically: in an ecstatic manner.

Beatific: experiencing or bestowing celestial joy.

Glee: great merriment.

Whoopee: noisy and boisterous revelry.

Exultant: joyful and proud especially because of triumph or success.

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