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کسی کا ملازم جو اس کے ہمراہ رہتا ہو : Kisi Ka Mulazim Jo Es Kay Hamrah Rehta Ho Meaning in English

Kisi Ka Mulazim Jo Es Kay Hamrah Rehta Ho in Sentence

The police provided a small armed escort for the Pakistani delegation.

Kisi Ka Mulazim Jo Es Kay Hamrah Rehta Ho in Detail

1) کسی کا ملازم جو اس کے ہمراہ رہتا ہو : Escort : (noun) an attendant who is employed to accompany someone.


Useful Words

ساتھ چلنا : Walk , زندگی کا محافظ : Lifeguard , تنہا : Unaccompanied , ساتھ : Accompanied , گاڑی میں سوار گارڈ : Outrider , میت کے لئے فوجی سلامی : Guard Of Honor , جنگی کشتی : Corvette , نگہبانی کرنا : Chaperon , ملحقہ : Collateral , محافظ : Body Guard , فرشتہ : Angel , نوکر : Servitor , دولھے کی طرف کا مرد : Groomsman , جھلانے والا شخص : Rocker , چٹ پٹی چٹنی : Salsa , خادم : Gentleman , ملازم : Orderly , شادی شدہ عورت : Matron Of Honor , تکلیف میں مبتلا کرنے والا : Racker , بیروں کا انچارج : Captain , مسافر کو اندھیرے میں روشنی دیکھانے والا : Linkboy , اسپتال کا ملازم : Hospital Attendant , خادم : Page , چھوٹا : Busboy , ساقی : Cupbearer , ہوٹل یا ہوائی اڈے وغیرہ کے داخلے پر گاڑی کھڑی کرنے کی جگہ : Valet Parking , عضو سے منسلک نس : Accompanying Vein , کام کرنا : Do Work , ملازمت : Employ , راہنمائی کرنے والا : Guide , لکڑی چیرنے والا ملازم : Sawyer

Useful Words Definitions

Walk: accompany or escort.

Lifeguard: an attendant employed at a beach or pool to protect swimmers from accidents.

Unaccompanied: being without an escort.

Accompanied: having companions or an escort.

Outrider: an escort who rides ahead (as a member of the vanguard).

Guard Of Honor: an escort for a distinguished guest or for the casket at a military funeral.

Corvette: a highly maneuverable escort warship; smaller than a destroyer.

Chaperon: accompany as a chaperone.

Collateral: accompany, concomitant.

Body Guard: accompany and protect from physical harm.

Angel: spiritual being attendant upon God.

Servitor: someone who performs the duties of an attendant for someone else.

Groomsman: a male attendant of the bridegroom at a wedding.

Rocker: an attendant who rocks a child in a cradle.

Salsa: spicy sauce of tomatoes and onions and chili peppers to accompany Mexican foods.

Gentleman: a manservant who acts as a personal attendant to his employer.

Orderly: a soldier who serves as an attendant to a superior officer.

Matron Of Honor: a married woman serving as the attendant to the bride at a wedding.

Racker: an attendant who puts pool or billiard balls into a rack.

Captain: a dining-room attendant who is in charge of the waiters and the seating of customers.

Linkboy: (formerly) an attendant hired to carry a torch for pedestrians in dark streets.

Hospital Attendant: a male hospital attendant who has general duties that do not involve the medical treatment of patients.

Page: in medieval times a youth acting as a knight's attendant as the first stage in training for knighthood.

Busboy: a restaurant attendant who sets tables and assists waiters and clears away dirty dishes.

Cupbearer: the attendant (usually an officer of a nobleman's household) whose duty is to fill and serve cups of wine.

Valet Parking: a service provided (at a club or restaurant or airport etc.) whereby a patron leaves a car at the entrance and an attendant parks and retrieves it.

Accompanying Vein: a vein accompanying another structure; a vein may accompany an artery in such a way that the arterial pulses aid venous return.

Do Work: be employed.

Employ: the state of being employed or having a job.

Guide: someone employed to conduct others.

Sawyer: one who is employed to saw wood.

Related Words

خدمت گار : Attendant

Close Words

کہیں : Somewhere , کسی کے پیچھے پاگل : Crazy , کسی سواری پر سفر کرنا : Hop , کسی مرد کی محبوبہ : Girl , لے جانا : Conduct , کبھی : Sometime , کسی کو دہوکا دینا : Flim-Flam , کسی بھی قلمی ساخت کی ترتیب : Bravais Lattice , کسی فن میں ماہر : Artist , معائنہ کرنے والا : Visitant , کسی معاملہ پربحث کرنا : Discuss

Close Words Definitions

Somewhere: an indefinite or unknown location.

Crazy: intensely enthusiastic about or preoccupied with.

Hop: travel by means of an aircraft, bus, etc..

Girl: a girl or young woman with whom a man is romantically involved.

Conduct: take somebody somewhere.

Sometime: at some indefinite or unstated time.

Flim-Flam: deceive somebody for something.

Bravais Lattice: a 3-dimensional geometric arrangement of the atoms or molecules or ions composing a crystal.

Artist: a person whose creative work shows sensitivity and imagination.

Visitant: someone who visits.

Discuss: speak with others about (something); talk (something) over in detail; have a discussion.

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