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کسی کام کو کرنے کی تحریری اجازت دینا : Kisi Kam Ko Karnay Ki Tahriri Ejazat Dena Meaning in English

Kisi Kam Ko Karnay Ki Tahriri Ejazat Dena Sentences

Kisi Kam Ko Karnay Ki Tahriri Ejazat Dena in Detail

1) کسی کام کو کرنے کی تحریری اجازت دینا : Licence License Permit : (noun) a legal document giving official permission to do something.


Useful Words

اجازت دینے والا : Licenser , اختیار نامہ : Authorisation , ملازمت نامہ : Work Papers , دستاویز انتقال : Deed , اجازت : Authorisation , استعفی : Resignation , حکم نامہ : Judicial Writ , قرضے سے چھٹکارے کی دستاویز : Acquittance , شق : Article , وصیت : Testament , مواخذہ : Impeachment , قانون : Act , تنسیخ : Abrogation , دائرہ اختیارسے باہر : Ultra Vires , دائرہ اختیارمیں : Intra Vires , دستاویز وصیت : Letters Testamentary , حالات جنگ : State Of War , فریق مقدمہ کا بیان : Pleading , مقدمہ لڑنے کا عمل : Judicial Proceeding , درخواست گزار : Solicitor , نکاح نامہ : Marriage Licence , سند یافتہ : Licentiate , مچھلی پکڑنے کا اجازت نامہ : Fishing Licence , گاڑی چلانے کا اجازت نامہ : Driver's Licence , تمام شہری حقوق سے محروم شخص : Attainder , اجازت دینا : Leave , رضامندی : Consent , بغیر اجازت لے جانا : Walk Off , اجازت : Clearance , قبضے میں لینے والا : Appropriator , جرت کرنا : Dare

Useful Words Definitions

Licenser: an official who can issue a license or give authoritative permission (especially one who licenses publications).

Authorisation: a document giving an official instruction or command.

Work Papers: a legal document giving information required for employment of certain people in certain countries.

Deed: a legal document signed and sealed and delivered to effect a transfer of property and to show the legal right to possess it.

Authorisation: official permission or approval.

Resignation: a formal document giving notice of your intention to resign.

Judicial Writ: (law) a legal document issued by a court or judicial officer.

Acquittance: a legal document evidencing the discharge of a debt or obligation.

Article: a separate section of a legal document (as a statute or contract or will).

Testament: a legal document declaring a person`s wishes regarding the disposal of their property when they die.

Impeachment: a formal document charging a public official with misconduct in office.

Act: a legal document codifying the result of deliberations of a committee or society or legislative body.

Abrogation: the act of abrogating; an official or legal cancellation.

Ultra Vires: beyond the legal power or authority of a person or official or body etc.

Intra Vires: within the legal power or authority or a person or official or body etc.

Letters Testamentary: a legal document from a probate court or court officer informing you of your appointment as executor of a will and empowering you to discharge those responsibilities.

State Of War: a legal state created by a declaration of war and ended by official declaration during which the international rules of war apply.

Pleading: (law) a statement in legal and logical form stating something on behalf of a party to a legal proceeding.

Judicial Proceeding: a legal proceeding in a court; a judicial contest to determine and enforce legal rights.

Solicitor: a British lawyer who gives legal advice and prepares legal documents.

Marriage Licence: a license authorizing two people to marry.

Licentiate: holds a license (degree) from a (European) university.

Fishing Licence: a license authorizing the bearer to fish during a specified period of time.

Driver's Licence: a license authorizing the bearer to drive a motor vehicle.

Attainder: the legal status of a person who is alive but who has been deprived of the rights and privileges of a citizen or a member of society; the legal status of one sentenced to life imprisonment.

Leave: permission to do something.

Consent: permission to do something.

Walk Off: take without permission.

Clearance: permission to proceed.

Appropriator: someone who takes for his or her own use (especially without permission).

Dare: take upon oneself; act presumptuously, without permission.

Related Words

دستاویز : Instrument

Close Words

کہیں : Somewhere , کسی کے پیچھے پاگل : Crazy , کسی سواری پر سفر کرنا : Hop , کسی مرد کی محبوبہ : Girl , لے جانا : Conduct , کسی کو دہوکا دینا : Flim-Flam , کبھی : Sometime , کسی چیز کا کٹا ہوا ٹکڑا : Snip , زناٹا : Zing , نباتاتیہ : Botany , کسی کام میں تاخیر کرنا : Temporise

Close Words Definitions

Somewhere: an indefinite or unknown location.

Crazy: intensely enthusiastic about or preoccupied with.

Hop: travel by means of an aircraft, bus, etc..

Girl: a girl or young woman with whom a man is romantically involved.

Conduct: take somebody somewhere.

Flim-Flam: deceive somebody for something.

Sometime: at some indefinite or unstated time.

Snip: a small piece of anything (especially a piece that has been snipped off).

Zing: a brief high-pitched buzzing or humming sound.

Botany: all the plant life in a particular region or period.

Temporise: draw out a discussion or process in order to gain time.

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