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کسی خاص قوم برادری یا گروہ کا فرد : Kisi Khas Qaum Baradri Ya Giroh Ka Fard Meaning in English

Kisi Khas Qaum Baradri Ya Giroh Ka Fard in Detail

1) کسی خاص قوم برادری یا گروہ کا فرد : Peoples : (noun) the human beings of a particular nation or community or ethnic group.


Useful Words

انسانیت : Human Beings , تہذیبی : Cultural , لوک موسیقی : Ethnic Music , قومی سطح پر : Across The Country , ریاست : Body Politic , افریقی ملک : African Country , مشترکہ مفاد : Community , کاروباری طبقہ : Business Community , علماء کی جماعت : Community Of Scholars , سماجی کالج : Community College , یورپی اتحاد : Common Market , سماجی خیراتی ادارہ : Community Chest , ہم زبان لوگ : Speech Community , سماجی مرکز : Civic Center , فلاح عامہ : Community Service , شوہر اور بیوی کی جائیداد : Community Property , انسان سے متعلق : Human , انسانی حقوق : Human Right , علم شماریات آبادی : Demography , کام : Act , انسانی سر : Human Head , جسم : Anatomy , پاوں : Foot , چہرہ : Face , کہنی : Articulatio Cubiti , تعلق : Human Relationship , گھٹنا : Articulatio Genus , ایڈز : Hiv , حمل کا ہارمون : Hcg , امامی پیچوایٹری گلینڈ سے خارج ہونے والا نمو کا عامل : Growth Hormone , ایک آدمی کے چلانے کی دو پہیوں والی ایک قسم کی سائیکل : Segway

Useful Words Definitions

Human Beings: all of the living human inhabitants of the earth.

Cultural: denoting or deriving from or distinctive of the ways of living built up by a group of people.

Ethnic Music: the traditional and typically anonymous music that is an expression of the life of people in a community.

Across The Country: extending throughout an entire nation.

Body Politic: a politically organized body of people under a single government.

African Country: any one of the countries occupying the African continent.

Community: agreement as to goals.

Business Community: the body of individuals who manage businesses.

Community Of Scholars: the body of individuals holding advanced academic degrees.

Community College: a nonresidential junior college offering a curriculum fitted to the needs of the community.

Common Market: an international organization of European countries formed after World War II to reduce trade barriers and increase cooperation among its members.

Community Chest: a charity supported by individual subscriptions; defrays the demands on a community for social welfare.

Speech Community: people sharing a given language or dialect.

Civic Center: a center where the members of a community can gather for social or cultural activities.

Community Service: a service that is performed for the benefit of the public or its institutions.

Community Property: property and income belonging jointly to a married couple.

Human: relating to a person.

Human Right: (law) any basic right or freedom to which all human beings are entitled and in whose exercise a government may not interfere (including rights to life and liberty as well as freedom of thought and expression and equality before the law).

Demography: the branch of sociology that studies the characteristics of human populations.

Act: something that people do or cause to happen.

Human Head: the head of a human being.

Anatomy: alternative names for the body of a human being.

Foot: the part of the leg of a human being below the ankle joint.

Face: the front of the human head from the forehead to the chin and ear to ear.

Articulatio Cubiti: hinge joint between the forearm and upper arm and the corresponding joint in the forelimb of a quadruped.

Human Relationship: a relation between people; (`relationship` is often used where `relation` would serve, as in `the relationship between inflation and unemployment`, but the preferred usage of `relationship` is for human relations or states of relatedness).

Articulatio Genus: hinge joint in the human leg connecting the tibia and fibula with the femur and protected in front by the patella.

Hiv: the virus that causes acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS); it replicates in and kills the helper T cells.

Hcg: hormone produced early in pregnancy by the placenta; detection in the urine and serum is the basis for one kind of pregnancy test.

Growth Hormone: a hormone produced by the anterior pituitary gland; promotes growth in humans.

Segway: (trademark) a self-balancing personal transportation device with two wheels; can operate in any level pedestrian environment.

Related Words

جمع کا صیغہ : Plural , لوگ : People

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