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کِتاب حوالہ : Kitab Hawala Meaning in English

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1) Source Book : کتاب حوالہ : (noun) a collection of historically important documents published together as a book.

Useful Words

جمع کرنے کا عمل : Aggregation, Assembling, Collecting, Collection : the act of gathering something together.

سوچ کی عکاسی کرنے والی کوئی چیز : Document : anything serving as a representation of a person`s thinking by means of symbolic marks.

خون کا گروپ اے : A, Group A, Type A : the blood group whose red cells carry the A antigen.

کتاب : Book : a written work or composition that has been published (printed on pages bound together). "Which book is this quote from?"

بائبل : Bible, Book, Christian Bible, Good Book, Holy Scripture, Holy Writ, Scripture, Word, Word Of God : the sacred writings of the Christian religions. "He went to carry the Word to the heathen"

قرآن پاک : Al-Qur'an, Book, Koran, Quran : the sacred writings of Islam revealed by God to the prophet Muhammad during his life at Mecca and Medina.

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