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Knowledgeableness meaning in Urdu

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Knowledgeableness Definitions

1) Knowledgeableness, Initiation, Knowledgeability : واقفیت, باخبری : (noun) wisdom as evidenced by the possession of knowledge.

Useful Words

Sapiential : علم ودانش سے متعلق , Lead Time : کسی چیز کی تیاری کے درمیان کا وقت , Dapperness : خوش وضعی , Luxuriousness : عیش و عشرت , Dissimilitude : عدم مشابہت , Bounteousness : فراخدلی , Arrogance : غرور , Intrusiveness : بے جا دخل اندازی , Sage : حکیم , Bill Of Indictment : کسی شخص کے خلاف الزام , Wise : دانا , Abstruseness : پیچیدگی , Diplomacy : سیاسی دانشمندی , Unwise : بے عقل , Sage : نیک و کار , Accrue : ملکیت میں آنا , Obtain : پانا , Procural : حصول , Have : لینا , Away : دے دینا , Have : مالک ہونا , Free : چھوڑ دینا , Hold On : رکھنا , Belong : ملکیت ہونا , Monopoly : کسی چیز پر کامل اختیار ہونا , Genitive : مضاف الیہ , Acquire : پانا , Appropriate : فتح کرنا , Despoil : ملیامیٹ کردینا , Cede : چھوڑ دینا , Preoccupy : پہلے قابض ہونا

Useful Words Definitions

Sapiential: characterized by wisdom, especially the wisdom of God.

Lead Time: the time interval between the initiation and the completion of a production process.

Dapperness: stylishness as evidenced by a smart appearance.

Luxuriousness: wealth as evidenced by sumptuous living.

Dissimilitude: dissimilarity evidenced by an absence of likeness.

Bounteousness: generosity evidenced by a willingness to give freely.

Arrogance: overbearing pride evidenced by a superior manner toward inferiors.

Intrusiveness: aggressiveness as evidenced by intruding; by advancing yourself or your ideas without invitation.

Sage: having wisdom that comes with age and experience.

Bill Of Indictment: a formal accusation, typically in a legal context, that charges an individual with a crime. It signifies the initiation of a legal process against the accused.

Wise: having or prompted by wisdom or discernment.

Abstruseness: wisdom that is recondite and abstruse and profound.

Diplomacy: wisdom in the management of public affairs.

Unwise: showing or resulting from lack of judgment or wisdom.

Sage: a mentor in spiritual and philosophical topics who is renowned for profound wisdom.

Accrue: come into the possession of.

Obtain: come into possession of.

Procural: the act of getting possession of something.

Have: get something; come into possession of.

Away: from one's possession.

Have: have ownership or possession of.

Free: part with a possession or right.

Hold On: retain possession of.

Belong: be owned by; be in the possession of.

Monopoly: exclusive control or possession of something.

Genitive: serving to express or indicate possession.

Acquire: come into the possession of something concrete or abstract.

Appropriate: take possession of by force, as after an invasion.

Despoil: destroy and strip of its possession.

Cede: relinquish possession or control over.

Preoccupy: occupy or take possession of beforehand or before another or appropriate for use in advance.

Related Words

Wisdom : علم