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1 of 2) Lacking, Deficient, Wanting : کم, ادہورا, کمی : (satellite adjective) inadequate in amount or degree.

Lacking in stamina.

2 of 2) Lacking, Absent, Missing, Wanting : نہ ہونا : (satellite adjective) nonexistent.

Her appetite was lacking.

Useful Words

Barren : محتاج , Sterile : بے تخیل , Faint : کمزور , Ineffective : نااہل , Inadequately : ناکافی طورپر , Neckless : ہار , Meager : قلیل , How : کتنا , Goodish : بڑا , Extension : لمبائی , Low : کم , Sharp : اچانک , Commensurateness : موافقت , High : زیادہ , Highness : گرانی , Minimisation : کم سے کم کرنے کا عمل , Shade : تہوڑا مختلف , Proportionate : متناسب بنانا , Modulate : اعتدال میں لانا , High : بہت , Augmentative : بڑھایا گیا , Boundless : بے حد , Optimum : بہترین , Bibless : بب کے بغیر , Unassisted : کسی کی مدد کے بغیر , Need : ضرورت , Brobdingnagian : دیو ہیکل , Even : برابر , Enormous : بہت زیادہ , Asleep : سن , Airless : حبس والا

Useful Words Definitions

Barren: completely wanting or lacking.

Sterile: deficient in originality or creativity; lacking powers of invention.

Faint: deficient in magnitude; barely perceptible; lacking clarity or brightness or loudness etc.

Ineffective: lacking the ability or skill to perform effectively; inadequate.

Inadequately: in an inadequate manner or to an inadequate degree.

Neckless: lacking or apparently lacking a neck.

Meager: deficient in amount or quality or extent.

How: To what extent, amount, or degree.

Goodish: large in amount or extent or degree.

Extension: amount or degree or range to which something extends.

Low: less than normal in degree or intensity or amount.

Sharp: very sudden and in great amount or degree.

Commensurateness: the relation of corresponding in degree or size or amount.

High: in or to a high position, amount, or degree.

Highness: a high degree (of amount or force etc.).

Minimisation: the act of reducing something to the least possible amount or degree or position.

Shade: a slight amount or degree of difference.

Proportionate: agreeing in amount, magnitude, or degree.

Modulate: fix or adjust the time, amount, degree, or rate of.

High: greater than normal in degree or intensity or amount.

Augmentative: increasing or having the power to increase especially in size or amount or degree.

Boundless: seemingly boundless in amount, number, degree, or especially extent.

Optimum: most favorable conditions or greatest degree or amount possible under given circumstances.

Bibless: lacking a bib.

Unassisted: lacking help.

Need: anything that is necessary but lacking.

Brobdingnagian: unusually great in size or amount or degree or especially extent or scope.

Even: equal in degree or extent or amount; or equally matched or balanced.

Enormous: extraordinarily large in size or extent or amount or power or degree.

Asleep: lacking sensation.

Airless: lacking fresh air.

Related Words

Inadequate : ناکافی

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