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لکیر کا فقیر : Lakeer Ka Faqir Meaning in English

Lakeer Ka Faqir Synonyms


Lakeer Ka Faqir in Detail

1 of 5) لکیر کا فقیر : Anti-Intellectual Lowbrow Philistine : (noun) a person who is uninterested in intellectual pursuits.

2 of 5) لکیر کا فقیر : Fogyish Moss-Grown Mossy Stick-In-The-Mud Stodgy : (satellite adjective) (used pejoratively) out of fashion; old fashioned.

3 of 5) لکیر کا فقیر بہت زیادہ قدامت پسند : Extreme Right-Winger Reactionary Ultraconservative : (noun) an extreme conservative; an opponent of progress or liberalism.

4 of 5) رجعت پسند لکیر کا فقیر : Far-Right Reactionary Reactionist : (satellite adjective) extremely conservative.

5 of 5) جسے نئے کام کرنے کا حوصلہ نہ ہو لکیر کا فقیر : Nonenterprising Unenterprising : (adjective) lacking in enterprise; not bold or venturesome.

Useful Words

طور طریقہ : Fashion : how something is done or how it happens. "If you want to achieve success in life so change your mode from begging mode to fully aware mode like auto-pilot, start doing things that you`re already doing in slightly different ways such as look for business ideas through the internet instead of asking people".

فیشن کے مطابق : Fashioned : planned and made or fashioned artistically. "Beautifully fashioned dresses".

دماغی : Intellectual : of or associated with or requiring the use of the mind. "Last but not the least, she likes to get engaged in intellectual and meaningful conversation".

ضعیف بوڑھا : Old : (used especially of persons) having lived for a relatively long time or attained a specific age. "You are never too old to learn".

دور : Out : away from home. "Get out from there".

شخص : Individual : a human being. "Every individual was gone through corona test before passing the immigration".

تعاقب : Chase : the act of pursuing in an effort to overtake or capture. "The culprit started to run and the cop took off in pursuit".

متاثرہ شخص : Exploited : of persons; taken advantage of. "After going out of his way to help his friend get the job he felt not appreciated but used".

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