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لال نس والی جھاڑی : Lal Nas Wali Jhari Meaning in English

Lal Nas Wali Jhari in Detail

1) لال نس والی جھاڑی : Hieracium Venosum Rattlesnake Weed : (noun) a hawkweed with a rosette of purple-veined basal leaves; Canada to northern Georgia and Kentucky.


Useful Words

بنیادی : Basal : serving as or forming a base. "The painter applied a base coat followed by two finishing coats".

کینیڈا : Canada : a nation in northern North America; the French were the first Europeans to settle in mainland Canada. "I used to knead the dough in Canada".

سورج مکھی جیسا پودا : Hawkweed : any of various plants of the genus Pilosella. "Hieracium is known by the common name hawkweed and classically as hierakion, is a genus of the sunflower family Asteraceae".

کینٹوکی : Bluegrass State : a state in east central United States; a border state during the American Civil War; famous for breeding race horses.

پتا : Foliage : the main organ of photosynthesis and transpiration in higher plants. "The leaves are falling down".

شمالی طرف واقع : Northerly : situated in or oriented toward the north. "The northern suburbs".

اودا : Purple : a purple color or pigment. "Purple lipstick".

تمغہ کے طور پر پہنا جانے والا گلاب نما نشان : Rosette : an ornament or pattern resembling a rose that is worn as a badge of office or as recognition of having won an honor.

نس دار : Veined : having or showing markings that resemble veins.

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