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لَمبا پَتلا اُبھار : Lamba Patla Ubhaar Meaning in English

Lamba Patla Ubhaar in Sentence

Ridgepole of a roof.

Lamba Patla Ubhaar in Detail

1) لمبا پتلا ابھار : Ridge : (noun) a long narrow natural elevation or striation.


Useful Words

پہاڑ کی لمبی چوٹی : Hogback , جھری : Channel , قدرتی چڑھائی : Foreland , مٹی کا ٹیلا : Bank , شگاف : Cleft , چاک : Slit , کوئی پتلی لمبی پٹی یا حصہ : Strip , لمبی پہاڑی : Ridge , دراڑ : Chap , پھیلا ہوا : Elongate , خندق : Ditch , نوکیلا : Acerate , گٹھلی : Shank , طویل تنگ راستہ : Aisle , دریا کے کنارے پر جھیل : Liman , نہری کشتی : Canal Boat , کھانے کی میز : Refectory Table , نہر : Canal , تنگ اسکرٹ : Hobble Skirt , برف گاڑی : Toboggan , ایک لمبی پتلی کشتی جو تیز سفر کے لئے بنائی ہو : Whaleboat , بھنورا : Hawk Moth , عاقر قرحہ : Parietaria Difussa , ٹائی : Necktie , لمبی گردن اور لمبی ٹانگوں والا پرندہ : Heron , سطح سے بلندی : Altitude , ابھار : Swell , پہاڑی : Hill , شکن : Corrugation , ارتفاعی نقشہ : Contour Map , دانت کا نوکدار کنارہ : Cusp

Useful Words Definitions

Hogback: a long narrow ridge of hills with a narrow crest and steep slopes.

Channel: a long narrow furrow cut either by a natural process (such as erosion) or by a tool (as e.g. a groove in a phonograph record).

Foreland: a natural elevation (especially a rocky one that juts out into the sea).

Bank: a long ridge or pile.

Cleft: a long narrow opening.

Slit: a long narrow opening.

Strip: a relatively long narrow piece of something.

Ridge: a long narrow range of hills.

Chap: a long narrow depression in a surface.

Elongate: (of a leaf shape) long and narrow.

Ditch: a long narrow excavation in the earth.

Acerate: narrow and long and pointed; as pine leaves.

Shank: cylinder forming a long narrow part of something.

Aisle: a long narrow passage (as in a cave or woods).

Liman: a long narrow lagoon near the mouth of a river.

Canal Boat: a long boat that carries freight and is narrow enough to be used in canals.

Refectory Table: a long narrow dining table supported by a stretcher between two trestles.

Canal: long and narrow strip of water made for boats or for irrigation.

Hobble Skirt: a long skirt very narrow below the knees, worn between 1910 and 1914.

Toboggan: a long narrow sled without runners; boards curve upward in front.

Whaleboat: a long narrow boat designed for quick turning and use in rough seas.

Hawk Moth: any of various moths with long narrow forewings capable of powerful flight and hovering over flowers to feed.

Parietaria Difussa: herb that grows in crevices having long narrow leaves and small pink apetalous flowers.

Necktie: neckwear consisting of a long narrow piece of material worn (mostly by men) under a collar and tied in knot at the front.

Heron: grey or white wading bird with long neck and long legs and (usually) long bill.

Altitude: elevation especially above sea level or above the earth's surface.

Swell: a rounded elevation (especially one on an ocean floor).

Hill: a local and well-defined elevation of the land.

Corrugation: a ridge on a corrugated surface.

Contour Map: a map having contour lines through points of equal elevation.

Cusp: small elevation on the grinding surface of a tooth.

Related Words

ریگستانی ریت کا ٹیلا : Dune , پتھریلا ساحل : Reef , لہر یا نشان : Ripple Mark

Close Words

لمبا : Tall , لمبے لمبے قدم اٹھا کر چلنا : Stride , چلنا : Pace , لمبے پھولوں والا پودا : Himantoglossum Hircinum , لمبا کوٹ : Greatcoat , ایک میٹر : M , لمبائی سے : Lengthways , لمبے عرصے سے تکلیف اٹھانے والا : Long-Sufferance , لمبا عرصہ : Forever , لمبا سا سست کیڑا : Anguis Fragilis , لمبا پیدل سفر : Hike

Close Words Definitions

Tall: great in vertical dimension; high in stature.

Stride: walk with long steps.

Pace: a step in walking or running.

Himantoglossum Hircinum: an orchid of the genus Himantoglossum.

Greatcoat: a heavy coat worn over clothes in winter.

M: the basic unit of length adopted under the Systeme International d'Unites (approximately 1.094 yards).

Lengthways: in the direction of the length.

Long-Sufferance: patient endurance of pain or unhappiness.

Forever: for a very long or seemingly endless time.

Anguis Fragilis: small burrowing legless European lizard with tiny eyes; popularly believed to be blind.

Hike: a long walk usually for exercise or pleasure.

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