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1) Land Of Opportunity, Ar, Arkansas : ارکانساس امریکی ریاست : (noun) a state in south central United States; one of the Confederate states during the American Civil War.


Useful Words

Al : امریکی ریاست الاابامہ , La : پیلیکن امریکہ کے جنوب میں واقع امریکی ریاست , Everglade State : امریکی ریاست , Bluegrass State : کینٹوکی , Night Rider : شب سوار؛ شب گرد؛ رات کو تشدد کی وارداتیں کرنے والا؛ , Atlanta : ایٹلانٹا , Landholding : ارضی ملکیت , A. E. Burnside : امریکی جنرل , Grant : سابق امریکی صدر , Aleppo Grass : ایک لمبی گھاس , Tennessee : امریکی ریاست , Il : امریکی ریاست , Abraham Lincoln : ابراہیم لنکن , Aloha State : ہوائی امریکی ریاست , Nd : امریکی ریاست , Ageratina : امریکی بوٹی , Gray Fox : امریکی لومڑی , Cooke : امریکی سرمایہ کار , Buckeye State : اوہایو امریکی ریاست , Braun : امریکی راکٹ انجینئر , Admission Day : یوم الحاق , Secession : پسپائی , Capitalisation : موقع کا فائدہ اٹھانا , Isthmus : خشکی کا وہ حصہ جس کے دونوں طرف پانی ہو اور خشکی کے دو بڑے حصوں کو ملائے , Fen : دلدل , Confidential Information : مثبت اشارہ , Opening : اسامی , Haymaking : موقع کا فائدہ اٹھانا , Ca : کیلیفونیا , Allow : مہیا کرنا , Kansas : امریکی ریاست

Useful Words Definitions

Al: a state in the southeastern United States on the Gulf of Mexico; one of the Confederate states during the American Civil War.

La: a state in southern United States on the Gulf of Mexico; one of the Confederate states during the American Civil War.

Everglade State: a state in southeastern United States between the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico; one of the Confederate states during the American Civil War.

Bluegrass State: a state in east central United States; a border state during the American Civil War; famous for breeding race horses.

Night Rider: member of a secret mounted band in United States South after the American Civil War; committed acts of intimidation and revenge.

Atlanta: state capital and largest city of Georgia; chief commercial center of the southeastern United States; was plundered and burned by Sherman`s army during the American Civil War.

Landholding: ownership of land; the state or fact of owning land.

A. E. Burnside: United States general in the American Civil War who was defeated by Robert E. Lee at the Battle of Fredericksburg (1824-1881).

Grant: 18th President of the United States; commander of the Union armies in the American Civil War (1822-1885).

Aleppo Grass: tall perennial grass that spreads by creeping rhizomes and is grown for fodder; naturalized in southern United States where it is a serious pest on cultivated land.

Tennessee: a state in east central United States.

Il: a midwestern state in north-central United States.

Abraham Lincoln: 16th President of the United States; saved the Union during the American Civil War and emancipated the slaves; was assassinated by Booth (1809-1865).

Aloha State: a state in the United States in the central Pacific on the Hawaiian Islands.

Nd: a state of north central United States bordering on Canada.

Ageratina: annual to perennial herbs or shrubs of eastern United States and Central and South America.

Gray Fox: dark grey American fox; from Central America through southern United States.

Cooke: United States financier who marketed Union bonds to finance the American Civil War; the failure of his bank resulted in a financial panic in 1873 (1821-1905).

Buckeye State: a midwestern state in north central United States in the Great Lakes region.

Braun: United States rocket engineer (born in Germany where he designed a missile used against England); he led the United States Army team that put the first American satellite into space (1912-1977).

Admission Day: in some states of the United States: a legal holiday commemorating the day the state was admitted to the Union.

Secession: the withdrawal of eleven southern states from the Union in 1860 which precipitated the American Civil War.

Capitalisation: the act of capitalizing on an opportunity.

Isthmus: a relatively narrow strip of land (with water on both sides) connecting two larger land areas.

Fen: low-lying wet land with grassy vegetation; usually is a transition zone between land and water.

Confidential Information: an indication of potential opportunity.

Opening: opportunity especially for employment or promotion.

Haymaking: taking full advantage of an opportunity while it lasts.

Ca: a state in the western United States on the Pacific; the 3rd largest state; known for earthquakes.

Allow: make a possibility or provide opportunity for; permit to be attainable or cause to remain.

Kansas: Kansas is a state located in the Midwestern region of the United States. It is bordered by Nebraska to the north, Missouri to the east, Oklahoma to the south, and Colorado to the west. The capital city of Kansas is Topeka, while the largest city is Wichita..

Related Words

Hot Springs National Park : امریکی قصبے کی تفریح گاہ , America : ریاستہاۓ متحدہ امریکا , Hot Springs : امریکا کا قصبہ

Close Words

Land : مار گرانا , Land Agent : جائیداد کی خرید و فروخت کرنے والا , Land Area : رقبہ , Land Grant : کسی خاص مقصد کے لیے رکھی جانے والی حکومت کی زمین , Land Mass : زمین کا بڑا ٹکڑا , Land Mile : اسٹیٹیوٹ میل , Land Office : سرکاری دفتر جہاں زمینوں کے بارے میں معلومات درج کی جاتی ہوں , Land Site : جگہ , Land Tenure : جائیداد پر قبضہ رکھے کا عمل , Land Up : آخر کار , Landau : ایک قسم کی بگی نما چار پہیوں والی گاڑی

Close Words Definitions

Land: shoot at and force to come down.

Land Agent: a person who is authorized to act as an agent for the sale of land.

Land Area: an area of ground used for some particular purpose (such as building or farming).

Land Grant: a grant of public land (as to a railway or college).

Land Mass: a large continuous extent of land.

Land Mile: a unit of length equal to 1,760 yards or 5,280 feet; exactly 1609.344 meters.

Land Office: a government office where business relating to public lands is transacted.

Land Site: the piece of land on which something is located (or is to be located).

Land Tenure: the right to hold property; part of an ancient hierarchical system of holding lands.

Land Up: finally be or do something.

Landau: a four-wheel covered carriage with a roof divided into two parts (front and back) that can be let down separately.

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