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Tenant Farmer : مزارع , Metropolitan : بڑے شہر میں رہنے والا , Neighbor : پڑوسی , Outlier : وہ شخص جو اپنی کام کی جگہ سے دور رہتا ہو , Hireling : ملازم , Worker : مزدور , Warder : قیدیوں کا نگران , Apprentice : مبتدی / شاگرد , Critic : تجزیہ نگار , Heavy Hitter : محنتی آدمی , Deportation : ملک بدر کرنے کا عمل , Locater : حد طے کرنے والا , Estate Agent : جائیداد کی خرید و فروخت کرنے والا , Helot : غلام , Isthmus : خشکی کا وہ حصہ جس کے دونوں طرف پانی ہو اور خشکی کے دو بڑے حصوں کو ملائے , Fen : دلدل , Landholding : ارضی ملکیت , Abraham : ابراہیم علیہ السلام , Easement : دوسرے کی چیز استعمال کرنے کی قانونی اجازت , Campmate : خیمے کا ساتھی , Cave Dweller : غار میں رھنے والا , Cottage Dweller : جہونپڑی نشین , Backwoodsman : گنوار , Hermit : تنہائی پسند , Liver : کسی جگہ رہنے والا , Subsister : بچا رہنے والا , Tribesman : قبائلی آدمی , Woodman : جنگلی , Environment : ماحول , Beggar : فقیر , Concubine : کسی خاص شخص کے ساتھ رہنے والی عورت

Useful Words Definitions

Tenant Farmer: a farmer who works land owned by someone else.

Metropolitan: a person who lives in a metropolis.

Neighbor: a person who lives (or is located) near another.

Outlier: a person who lives away from his place of work.

Hireling: a person who works only for money.

Worker: a person who works at a specific occupation.

Warder: a person who works in a prison and is in charge of prisoners.

Apprentice: a person who works with skilled employer to learn trade.

Critic: a person who is professionally engaged in the analysis and interpretation of works of art.

Heavy Hitter: an influential person who works hard to promote the causes they are interested in.

Deportation: the act of expelling a person from his or her native land.

Locater: a person who fixes the boundaries of land claims.

Estate Agent: a person who is authorized to act as an agent for the sale of land.

Helot: (Middle Ages) a person who is bound to the land and owned by the feudal lord.

Isthmus: a relatively narrow strip of land (with water on both sides) connecting two larger land areas.

Fen: low-lying wet land with grassy vegetation; usually is a transition zone between land and water.

Landholding: ownership of land; the state or fact of owning land.

Abraham: the first of the Old Testament patriarchs and the father of Isaac; according to Genesis, God promised to give Abraham's family (the Hebrews) the land of Canaan (the Promised Land); God tested Abraham by asking him to sacrifice his son.

Easement: (law) the privilege of using something that is not your own (as using another`s land as a right of way to your own land).

Campmate: someone who lives in the same camp you do.

Cave Dweller: someone who lives in a cave.

Cottage Dweller: someone who lives in a cottage.

Backwoodsman: a man who lives on the frontier.

Hermit: one who lives in solitude.

Liver: someone who lives in a place.

Subsister: one who lives through affliction.

Tribesman: someone who lives in a tribe.

Woodman: someone who lives in the woods.

Environment: the area in which something exists or lives.

Beggar: a pauper who lives by begging.

Concubine: a woman who lives with an important man or guy.

Related Words

Denizen : کسی جگہ رہنے والا

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