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Large Number meaning in Urdu

Large Number Synonyms


Large Number Definitions

1) Large Number, Battalion, Multitude, Pack, Plurality : بڑی تعداد : (noun) a large indefinite number.

Useful Words

Billion : لا تعداد , Legion : کئی بار , Many : اکثر , Considerable : بڑا , Multiplicity : بڑی تعداد , Dozens : بڑی تعداد میں , Zillion : بہت بڑی لا محدود گنتی , Multitudinousness : ہجوم , Batch : بہت سارا , Copious : کثیر , 99 : نینانوے , Crowd : بھیڑ , Massacre : انسانوں کا بڑی تعداد میں قتل , Army : جمعیت , Great : جسامت میں بڑا , Sphinx : ابوالہول , Cisc : سی پی یو کی ہدایات , Several : کئی , Abundance : ایٹم کا تناسب , Batting Average : بیٹنگ اوسط , 69 : انھتر , 0 : صفر , 150 : ایک سو پچاس , 149 : ایک سو اننچاس , Few : تہوڑے , Hedge Fund : سرمایہ دار کمپنی , 1 : ایک , 2 : دو , Accuracy : درستگی , Square Root : خود تقسیمی کا حامل عدد , Addend : مضاف

Useful Words Definitions

Billion: a very large indefinite number (usually hyperbole).

Legion: amounting to a large indefinite number.

Many: a quantifier that can be used with count nouns and is often preceded by `as` or `too` or `so` or `that`; amounting to a large but indefinite number.

Considerable: large or relatively large in number or amount or extent or degree.

Multiplicity: a large number.

Dozens: a large number or amount.

Zillion: very large indeterminate number.

Multitudinousness: a very large number (especially of people).

Batch: (often followed by `of`) a large number or amount or extent.

Copious: large in number or quantity (especially of discourse).

99: The number 99 is a natural number that comes after 98 and before 100. It is composed of two nines, making it a double-digit number.

Crowd: a large number of things or people considered together.

Massacre: kill a large number of people indiscriminately.

Army: a large number of people united for some specific purpose.

Great: relatively large in size or number or extent; larger than others of its kind.

Sphinx: one of a number of large stone statues with the body of a lion and the head of a man that were built by the ancient Egyptians.

Cisc: (computer science) a kind of computer architecture that has a large number of instructions hard coded into the CPU chip.

Several: (used with count nouns) of an indefinite number more than 2 or 3 but not many.

Abundance: (physics) the ratio of the number of atoms of a specific isotope of an element to the total number of isotopes present.

Batting Average: (baseball) a measure of a batter`s performance; the number of base hits divided by the number of official times at bat.

69: The number 69 is a two-digit natural number that comes after 68 and before 70. It is composed of the digits 6 and 9.

0: a mathematical element that when added to another number yields the same number.

150: The number 150 is a three-digit natural number that comes after 149 and before 151. It is composed of the digits 1, 5, and 0.

149: The number 149 is a three-digit natural number that comes after 148 and before 150. It is composed of the digits 1, 4, and 9.

Few: a quantifier that can be used with count nouns and is often preceded by `a'; a small but indefinite number.

Hedge Fund: a flexible investment company for a small number of large investors (usually the minimum investment is $1 million); can use high-risk techniques (not allowed for mutual funds) such as short-selling and heavy leveraging.

1: the smallest whole number or a numeral representing this number.

2: the cardinal number that is the sum of one and one or a numeral representing this number.

Accuracy: (mathematics) the number of significant figures given in a number.

Square Root: a number that when multiplied by itself equals a given number.

Addend: a number that is added to another number (the augend).

Close Words

Large : وسیع , Large Calorie : حرارت کی اکائی , Large-Hearted : لطیف , Large-Minded : آزاد خیال , Large-Scale : بڑے پیمانے پر , Largely : زیادہ تر , Largeness : ذہنی طاقت , Larger : زیادہ بڑا , Larger-Than-Life : شاندار , Largess : فراخ دلی

Close Words Definitions

Large: above average in size or number or quantity or magnitude or extent.

Large Calorie: a unit of heat equal to the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of one kilogram of water by one degree at one atmosphere pressure; used by nutritionists to characterize the energy-producing potential in food.

Large-Hearted: showing or motivated by sympathy and understanding and generosity.

Large-Minded: showing or characterized by broad-mindedness.

Large-Scale: unusually large in scope.

Largely: in large part; mainly or chiefly.

Largeness: the capacity to understand a broad range of topics.

Larger: large or big relative to something else.

Larger-Than-Life: very imposing or impressive; surpassing the ordinary (especially in size or scale).

Largess: liberality in bestowing gifts; extremely liberal and generous of spirit.

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