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لیٹ جانا : Late Jana Meaning in English

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Late Jana in Detail

1) لیٹ جانا : Lie Lie Down : (verb) assume a reclining position.

Related : Lie : be lying, be prostrate; be in a horizontal position. Prostrate : get into a prostrate position, as in submission.

Useful Words

منصب سنبھالنا : Take Charge, Take Control, Take Hold : assume control.

ماننا : Posit, Postulate : take as a given; assume as a postulate or axiom. "He posited three basic laws of nature".

ذمہ داری سنبھالنا : Fill, Occupy, Take : assume, as of positions or roles. "She took the job as director of development".

سرپرست : Sponsor : assume responsibility for or leadership of. "The senator announced that he would sponsor the health care plan".

بناوٹی رویہ : Attitudinise, Attitudinize : assume certain affected attitudes.

ہونا : Become, Get, Go : enter or assume a certain state or condition. "He became annoyed when he heard the bad news".

بدلنا : Turn : cause to change or turn into something different;assume new characteristics. "The princess turned the frog into a prince by kissing him".

ذہن بدل لینا : About-Face : change one`s mind and assume the opposite viewpoint.

سب سے آگے : Cutting Edge, Forefront, Vanguard : the position of greatest importance or advancement; the leading position in any movement or field. "The Cotswolds were once at the forefront of woollen manufacturing in England".

موڑنا : Bend, Deform, Flex, Turn, Twist : cause (a plastic object) to assume a crooked or angular form. "Bend the rod".

بلند : Up : being or moving higher in position or greater in some value; being above a former position or level. "The anchor is up".

خود کو بھیڑیا سمجھنا پاگل پن کی ایک قسم : Lycanthropy : (folklore) the magical ability of a person to assume the characteristics of a wolf.

کثیرالاشکال : Polymorph : an organism that can assume more than one adult form as in the castes of ants or termites.

نگران : Conservator : someone appointed by a court to assume responsibility for the interests of a minor or incompetent person.

غلط جگہ رکھنا : Misplace : place or position wrongly; put in the wrong position. "Misplaced modifiers".

مردانہ صفات پیدا کرنا : Masculinise, Masculinize, Virilise, Virilize : produce virilism in or cause to assume masculine characteristics, as through a hormonal imbalance or hormone therapy. "The drugs masculinized the teenage girl".

تحریک عدم اعتماد : No Confidence Motion : This is a statement or vote about a person in a position of responsibility wheather he or she is fit to hold that position or not, usually this vote is used against powerful people or group. "Imran Khan trying to abort no confidence motion in Pakistan".

علیحدہ : Detached, Free : not fixed in position. "The detached shutter fell on him".

لٹانا : Lay, Put Down, Repose : put in a horizontal position. "In the presence of the brother, the sister was harassed by the boy and her brother laid that boy down and kept kicking him in the face".

مسیحا کا مقام : Messiahship : the position of messiah.

جگہ سے الگ ہونا : Dislocate, Luxate, Slip, Splay : move out of position. "Shahid afridi suffers dislocated left shoulder after hitting a brilliant six".

رسالت : Apostleship : the position of apostle.

مدیر کا منصب : Editorship : the position of editor.

تولیت : Custodianship : the position of custodian.

پروفیسر کا عہدہ : Chair, Professorship : the position of professor. "He was awarded an endowed chair in economics".

جج کا عہدہ : Judgeship, Judicature : the position of judge.

نگران کا عہدہ : Wardenship : the position of warden.

پادری کا عہدہ : Chaplaincy, Chaplainship : the position of chaplain.

محاسب کا عہدہ : Controllership : the position of controller.

منتظم کا عہدہ : Mayoralty : the position of mayor.

کہاں : Where : In or to what place or position . "Where do I go now?".

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