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Latex   Meaning in Urdu

1. Latex : شیرہ - درخت کا دودھ : (noun) a milky exudate from certain plants that coagulates on exposure to air.

Exudate, Exudation - a substance that oozes out from plant pores.

Related Words

Lateen - Lateen Sail : تکونا بادبان : a triangular fore-and-aft sail used especially in the Mediterranean.

Late Greek : قدیم یونانی زبان : the Greek language in the 3rd to 8th centuries.

Useful Words

Air : ہوا : a mixture of gases (especially oxygen) required for breathing; the stuff that the wind consists of. "Get fresh air"

Certain : کچھ : definite but not specified or identified. "Set aside a certain sum each week"

Coagulate - Coagulated - Curdled - Grumose - Grumous : جما ہوا : transformed from a liquid into a soft semisolid or solid mass. "Curdled milk"

Exposure : انکشاف : the disclosure of something secret. "They feared exposure of their campaign plans"

Exudate - Exude - Ooze - Ooze Out - Transude : قطرے بن کر نکلنا : release (a liquid) in drops or small quantities. "Exude sweat through the pores"

Milklike - Milky - Whitish : دودھ کی طرح : resembling milk in color not clear. "Milky glass"

Plant - Set : پودا لگانا : put or set (seeds, seedlings, or plants) into the ground. "I have planted this plant"