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1) Lawn Mower, Mower : گھاس کاٹنے کی مشین, گھاس کاٹنے والا یا والی مشین : (noun) garden tool for mowing grass on lawns.

Related : Lawn Tool : used for working in gardens or yards.

Useful Words

Lawn : چمن : a field of cultivated and mowed grass.

Bowls, Lawn Bowling : ایک کھیل جو باریک کٹی ہوئی گھاس پر کھیلا جاتا ہے : a bowling game played on a level lawn with biased wooden balls that are rolled at a jack.

Barrow, Garden Cart, Lawn Cart, Wheelbarrow : ٹھیلا : a cart for carrying small loads; has handles and one or more wheels. "Broken wheel barrow".

Lawn Tennis, Tennis : لان میں کھیلا جانے والا تینس : a game played with rackets by two or four players who hit a ball back and forth over a net that divides the court.

Garden Tool, Lawn Tool : باغ کا سامان : used for working in gardens or yards.

Sprinkler : فوارہ : mechanical device that attaches to a garden hose for watering lawn or garden.

Hedge Trimmer : کٹائی کی مشین : a garden tool for trimming hedges. "Black & Decker Hedge Trimmer 520W".

Cut Down, Mow : کاٹنا : cut with a blade or mower. "Mow the grass".

Lathe : ایک مشین جو لکڑی وغیرہ کاٹنے یا اس کو سنوارنے کے لیے استعمال ہوتی ہے : machine tool for shaping metal or wood; the workpiece turns about a horizontal axis against a fixed tool.

Yardman : بیرونی کام کرنے کےلئے مامور مزدور : a laborer hired to do outdoor work (such as mowing lawns).

Reap Hook, Reaping Hook, Sickle : گھاس کاٹنے والا : an edge tool for cutting grass or crops; has a curved blade and a short handle.

Scythe : فصل کی کٹائی میں کام آنے والا ایک قسم کا اوزار : an edge tool for cutting grass; has a long handle that must be held with both hands and a curved blade that moves parallel to the ground.

Hop Field, Hop Garden : ہوپ پھل کا باغ : a garden where hops are grown. "We went in a hop garden yesterday".

Gardener, Nurseryman : مالی : someone who takes care of a garden. "I need a gardener".

Herb Garden : جڑی بوٹیوں کا باغ : a garden for growing herbs. "There was a large herb garden".

Flower Garden : پھولوں کا باغ : a garden featuring flowering plants. "Life is a flower garden".

Kitchen Garden, Vegetable Garden, Vegetable Patch : چھوٹا باغ جہاں پھل اور سبزیوں لگائی جاسکتی ہوں : a small garden where vegetables are grown.

Roof Garden : مکان کی چھت پر لگایا گیا باغیچہ : a garden on a flat roof of a building.

Woodshed : لکڑ گودام : a shed for storing firewood or garden tools.

Rock Garden, Rockery : چٹانی علاقے کا باغ : a garden featuring rocks; usually alpine plants.

Market Garden : وہ مقام جہاں منڈی کے لیے سبزیاں اگائی ہوں : a garden where fruit and vegetables are grown for marketing.

Celosia Argentea Cristata, Celosia Cristata, Cockscomb, Common Cockscomb : لال یا پیلا گیندے جیسے پھولوں والا پودا : garden annual with featherlike spikes of red or yellow flowers.

Grove, Orchard, Plantation, Woodlet : پھلوں کا باغ : garden consisting of a small cultivated wood without undergrowth.

Chop, Hack : کاٹنا : cut with a hacking tool.

Bender : خم دینے والا : a tool for bending. "He used pliers as a bender".

Spider Mite, Tetranychid : سرخ مکڑی : web-spinning mite that attacks garden plants and fruit trees.

Stamper, Stamping Machine : ٹھپے والی مشین : a power tool that stamps. "A metal stamper".

Haft, Helve : اوزار یا ہتھیار کا دستہ پکڑنے کی جگہ : the handle of a weapon or tool.

Rammer : درمٹ : a tool for driving something with force.

Head : سرا : the striking part of a tool. "The head of the hammer".

Neolith : پتھر کے اوزار جو پتھر کے زمانے کے لوگ استعمال کرتے تھے : a stone tool from the Neolithic Age.

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