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1) Laying, Egg Laying : انڈوں کی پیداوار : (noun) the production of eggs (especially in birds).

Related : Parturition : the process of giving birth.

Useful Words

Assumption, Laying Claim : منصب سنبھالنا : the act of taking possession of or power over something. "His assumption of office coincided with the trouble in Cuba".

Cackle : کڑکڑ : the sound made by a hen after laying an egg.

Layoff : ملازم کی برطرفی : the act of laying off an employee or a work force.

Minelayer : سرنگ بچھانے والا جہاز : ship equipped for laying marine mines.

Investing, Investment : سرمایہ کاری : the act of investing; laying out money or capital in an enterprise with the expectation of profit.

Bird : پرندہ : warm-blooded egg-laying vertebrates characterized by feathers and forelimbs modified as wings. "He wants to kill two birds with one stone".

Oology : پرندوں کے انڈوں کے بارے میں علم : the branch of zoology that studies eggs (especially birds' eggs and their size, shape, coloration, and number).

Nest : گھونسلا : a structure in which animals lay eggs or give birth to their young. "Every bird likes its own nest".

Bird Nest, Bird's Nest, Birdnest : پرندوں کا گھونسلا : nest where birds lay their eggs and hatch their young.

Cowbird : امریکی مینا : North American blackbird that follows cattle and lays eggs in other birds` nests.

Hatchery : انڈے سے بچے نکالنے کی جگہ : a place where eggs are hatched under artificial conditions (especially fish eggs). "The park authorities operated a trout hatchery".

Aepyorniformes, Order Aepyorniformes : بڑا ناپید پرندہ : huge extinct flightless birds: elephant birds.

Hyperthyroidism, Thyrotoxicosis : گلھڑ کا مرض : an overactive thyroid gland; pathologically excessive production of thyroid hormones or the condition resulting from excessive production of thyroid hormones.

Brood, Cover, Hatch, Incubate : انڈوں پر بیٹھنا : sit on (eggs). "Birds brood".

Lay : انڈے دینا : lay eggs. "This hen doesn't lay".

Layer : انڈے دینے والی مرغی : a hen that lays eggs.

Hatch : انڈے سے نکلنا : emerge from the eggs. "Young birds, fish, and reptiles hatch".

Sunny-Side Up : ایک ہی طرف سے تلا ھوا انڈا : (eggs) fried on only one side.

Soft-Boiled : نیم ابلا انڈا : (eggs) having the yolk still liquid. "Soft-boiled eggs".

Addled : خراب : (of eggs) no longer edible. "An addled egg".

Roe : مچھلی کے انڈے : eggs of female fish.

Pup, Whelp : پیدائش : birth. "The dog whelped".

Calve, Have Young : بچے دینا : birth. "The whales calve at this time of year".

Hollandaise : انڈے مکھن کا مشروب : eggs and butter with lemon juice. "Tell me the recipe of quick and easy hollandaise sauce".

In One's Birthday Suit, In Your Birthday Suit, Mother-Naked, Naked As The Day One Was Born, Naked As The Day You Were Born : پیدائش والا ننگا : as naked as at birth. "I saw him mother-naked".

Connatural, Inborn, Inbred : فطری : normally existing at birth. "Mankind's connatural sense of the good".

Farrow, Pig : پیدا ہونا : give birth. "Sows farrow".

Eldest, Firstborn : پہلی اولاد : first in order of birth. "The firstborn child".

Be Born : پیدا ہونا : come into existence through birth. "She was born on a farm".

Springer, Springing Cow : وہ گائے جس کا بچہ ہونے والا ہو : a cow about to give birth.

Cradle : پیدائش : birth of a person. "He was taught from the cradle never to cry".