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Leading Man meaning in Urdu

Leading Man Definitions


Useful Words

Leading Lady : بڑا مرکزی زنانہ کردار ادا کرنے والی اداکارہ , Leadership : رہنمائی , Guide : رہبری کرنے والا , Hegemon : چوٹی کی طاقت , Ahead : آگے , Warpath : راہ جنگ , Grooming : تربیت , Drive : گھر میں داخلے کی سڑک , Head : سربراہ ہونا , Direction : رخ , Top Banana : مزاحیہ کردار , Prima Ballerina : ہیلے ناج کی سب سے بڑی رقاصہ , Lead : اہم ترین کردار ادا کرنے والا , Movie Actor : فلم میں کردار ادا کرنے والا فنکار , Ahead : مقابلے میں آگے , Van : پہلا فوجی دستہ , Afibrinogenemia : ناقص پلازمہ , Bridle Path : گھڑ سواری کی سڑک , Homestretch : منزل پٹی , Chasse : مٹک چال , Unambiguous : بالکل صاف , Fistula : پیپ بھرا نالی دار اندرونی زخم , Antonio Gaudi : اسپین کا ماہر تعمیرات , Horowitz : روسی پیانو نواز , Leading Question : ایمائی سوال , Higher National Diploma : ہائر نیشنل ڈپلوما , Ventricular Fibrillation : بطنی عضلے کا سکڑاؤ , Homer A. Thompson : امریکی ماہر آثار قدیمہ , Cutting Edge : سب سے آگے , Center : چوک , Hong Kong : ہانگ کانگ

Useful Words Definitions

Leading Lady: actress who plays the leading female role.

Leadership: the activity of leading.

Guide: someone who shows the way by leading or advising.

Hegemon: a leading or paramount power.

Ahead: leading or ahead in a competition.

Warpath: a course leading to warfare or battle.

Grooming: activity leading to skilled behavior.

Drive: a road leading up to a private house.

Head: be the first or leading member of (a group) and excel.

Direction: a line leading to a place or point.

Top Banana: the leading comedian in a burlesque show.

Prima Ballerina: a leading female ballet dancer.

Lead: an actor who plays a principal role.

Movie Actor: an actor who plays a role in a film.

Ahead: having the leading position or higher score in a contest.

Van: the leading units moving at the head of an army.

Afibrinogenemia: the absence of fibrinogen in the plasma leading to prolonged bleeding.

Bridle Path: a path suitable for riding or leading horses (but not for cars).

Homestretch: the straight stretch of a racetrack leading to the finish line.

Chasse: (ballet) quick gliding steps with one foot always leading.

Unambiguous: admitting of no doubt or misunderstanding; having only one meaning or interpretation and leading to only one conclusion.

Fistula: an abnormal passage leading from a suppurating cavity to the body surface.

Antonio Gaudi: Spanish architect who was a leading exponent of art nouveau in Europe (1852-1926).

Horowitz: Russian concert pianist who was a leading international virtuoso (1904-1989).

Leading Question: a question phrased in such a way as to suggest the desired answer; a lawyer may ask leading questions on cross-examination.

Higher National Diploma: a diploma given for vocational training that prepares the student for a career in a particular area; good students may progress to a course leading to a degree.

Ventricular Fibrillation: fibrillation of heart muscles resulting in interference with rhythmic contractions of the ventricles and possibly leading to cardiac arrest.

Homer A. Thompson: United States classical archaeologist (born in Canada) noted for leading the excavation of the Athenian agora (1906-2000).

Cutting Edge: the position of greatest importance or advancement; the leading position in any movement or field.

Center: mercantile establishment consisting of a carefully landscaped complex of shops representing leading merchandisers; usually includes restaurants and a convenient parking area; a modern version of the traditional marketplace.

Hong Kong: formerly a Crown Colony on the coast of southern China in Guangdong province; leased by China to Britain in 1842 and returned in 1997; one of the world`s leading commercial centers.

Related Words

Actor : تھیٹر فنکار

Close Words

Leading : افضل , Leading Light : مشہور شخصیت , Leading Tone : سرگم کا ساتواں سر

Close Words Definitions

Leading: greatest in importance or degree or significance or achievement.

Leading Light: a celebrity who is an inspiration to others.

Leading Tone: (music) the seventh note of the diatonic scale.

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