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Licking meaning in Urdu

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They suffered a convincing licking.

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Licking in Detail

1 of 2) Licking, Defeat : ہار, ناکامی, شکست : (noun) an unsuccessful ending to a struggle or contest.

Related : Finish : event whose occurrence ends something. Heartbreaker : a narrow defeat or a defeat at the last minute. Rout : an overwhelming defeat.

2 of 2) Licking, Beating, Drubbing, Lacing, Thrashing, Trouncing, Whacking : پٹائی : (noun) the act of inflicting corporal punishment with repeated blows.

Related : Corporal Punishment : the infliction of physical injury on someone convicted of committing a crime. Whipping : beating with a whip or strap or rope as a form of punishment.

Useful Words

Triumph, Victory : کامیابی : a successful ending of a struggle or contest. "Allah has indeed purchased from the believers their lives and wealth in exchange for Paradise, so rejoice in the exchange you have made with Him That is the truly the ultimate Triumph".

Combat, Fight, Fighting, Scrap : لڑائی : the act of fighting; any contest or struggle. "I fought the fight".

Beat, Beat Up, Work Over : مارنا : give a beating to; subject to a beating, either as a punishment or as an act of aggression. "Who beaten you up?".

Chuck Up The Sponge, Drop By The Wayside, Drop Out, Fall By The Wayside, Give Up, Quit, Throw In, Throw In The Towel : دست بردار ہونا : give up in the face of defeat of lacking hope; admit defeat. "In the second round, the challenger gave up".

Heartbreaker : معمولی شکست : a narrow defeat or a defeat at the last minute. "It was a heartbreaker".

Dud, Flop, Washout : ناکام شخص : someone who is unsuccessful. "You can not do it because you are dud".

Fail, Go Wrong, Miscarry : ناکام ہونا : be unsuccessful. "Work hard lest you should fail".

Defeated, Disappointed, Discomfited, Foiled, Frustrated, Thwarted : مایوس کن : disappointingly unsuccessful. "Lest he should be foiled".

Out : اقتدار سے باہر : out of power; especially having been unsuccessful in an election. "Now the Democrats are out".

Beater : پھینٹنے والا آلہ : an implement for beating.

Mangle, Maul : پٹ کر بری طرح زخمی ہونا : injure badly by beating.

Cardiac Rhythm, Heart Rhythm : دھڑکن کی تال : the rhythm of a beating heart. "Heart Rhythm is OK".

Drumbeat, Rataplan, Rub-A-Dub : طبلے کی تھاپ : the sound made by beating a drum.

Eggbeater, Eggwhisk : ایگ بیٹر : a mixer for beating eggs or whipping cream.

Bastinado : بید : a cudgel used to give someone a beating on the soles of the feet.

Contest : مسابقت : a struggle between rivals.

Flagellation, Flogging, Lashing, Tanning, Whipping : کوڑوں کی سزا : beating with a whip or strap or rope as a form of punishment.

Unfinished : ادھورا : not brought to an end or conclusion. "Unfinished business".

All Over, Complete, Concluded, Ended, Over, Terminated : ختم ہونا : having come or been brought to a conclusion. "The epidemic of Corona has spread all over the world".

Scramble, Scuffle : پھڈا : an unceremonious and disorganized struggle.

Pending : زیر غور : awaiting conclusion or confirmation. "Business still pending".

Relinquishing, Relinquishment : دستبرداری : the act of giving up and abandoning a struggle or task etc.. "Relinquishment of citizenship".

War, Warfare : کشمکش : an active struggle between competing entities. "A price war".

Conclude, Reason, Reason Out : نتیجہ اخذ کرنا : decide by reasoning; draw or come to a conclusion. "Because of the day-to-day quarrels at home, the head of the household concluded that we should all live separately".

Conclusion, Ending, Termination : خاتمہ : the act of ending something. "The termination of the agreement".

Scuffle, Tussle : ہاتھا پائی کرنا : fight or struggle in a confused way at close quarters. "The drunken men started to scuffle".

Choke, Gag, Strangle, Suffocate : دم گھٹنا : struggle for breath; have insufficient oxygen intake. "He swallowed a fishbone and gagged".

Struggling : زور آزما اور جدوجہد میں لگا ھوا : engaged in a struggle to overcome especially poverty or obscurity. "A financially struggling theater".

Carry Out, Follow Out, Follow Through, Follow Up, Go Through, Implement, Put Through : کسی نتیجے پر پہنچا کر دم لینا : pursue to a conclusion or bring to a successful issue. "Did he go through with the treatment?".

Dianoetic, Discursive : قابل فکر : proceeding to a conclusion by reason or argument rather than intuition.

Assumption, Premise, Premiss : مقدمہ : a statement that is assumed to be true and from which a conclusion can be drawn. "On the assumption that he has been injured we can infer that he will not to play".

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