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لائٹ : Light Meaning in English

Light Synonyms


Light in Detail

1) لائٹ بلب : Bulb Electric Light Electric-Light Bulb Incandescent Lamp Light Bulb Lightbulb : (noun) electric lamp consisting of a transparent or translucent glass housing containing a wire filament (usually tungsten) that emits light when heated by electricity.

Useful Words

برقی قوت : Electric : using or providing or producing or transmitting or operated by electricity. "Electric current".

بجلی : Electrical Energy : energy made available by the flow of electric charge through a conductor. "When does electricity go off here?".

خارج کرنا : Breathe : expel (gases or odors). "Emit light".

باریک دھاگہ : Fibril : a very slender natural or synthetic fiber.

گلاس : Drinking Glass : a container for holding liquids while drinking. "Buy two drinking glass".

گرم : Heated : made warm or hot (`het` is a dialectal variant of `heated`). "A heated swimming pool".

قیام گاہ : Housing : structures collectively in which people are housed. "Some philanthropists began to provide housing to lower-income families".

چراغ : Lamp : an artificial source of visible illumination. "Put off the lamp".

روشنی : Light : (physics) electromagnetic radiation that can produce a visual sensation. "I never slept with the light on".

دھندلا : Semitransparent : allowing light to pass through diffusely. "Translucent amber".

شفاف : Crystal Clear : transmitting light; able to be seen through with clarity. "The cold crystalline water of melted snow".

عام طور پر : Commonly : under normal conditions. "Usually she was late".

تار : Wire : ligament made of metal and used to fasten things or make cages or fences etc.

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