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1) Linear Perspective, Perspective : منظر, نظارہ : (noun) the appearance of things relative to one another as determined by their distance from the viewer.

Related : Visual Aspect : outward or visible aspect of a person or thing. Visible Horizon : the line at which the sky and Earth appear to meet.

Useful Words

A, Angstrom, Angstrom Unit : میٹر کا دس ارب واں حصہ : a metric unit of length equal to one ten billionth of a meter (or 0.0001 micron); used to specify wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation.

Another, Some Other : کسی اور : any of various alternatives; some other. "Another day off".

Appearance, Visual Aspect : حلیا : outward or visible aspect of a person or thing. "Have you seen your appearance?".

Determined : ثابت قدم : characterized by great determination. "A struggle against a determined enemy".

Distance, Outdistance, Outstrip : بہت آگے نکل جانا : go far ahead of. "He outdistanced the other runners".

1, Ane, I, One : ایک : used of a single unit or thing; not two or more. "`ane` is Scottish".

Comparative, Relative : نسبتاً : estimated by comparison; not absolute or complete. "A relative stranger".

Thing : بات : a statement regarded as an object. "Do I say one thing?".

Looker, Spectator, Viewer, Watcher, Witness : دیکھنے والا : a close observer; someone who looks at something (such as an exhibition of some kind). "The spectators applauded the performance".

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